Photo Year

I can honestly say that I'm thrilled with all my gifts this year, but the one that had me doubled over with laughter was the calendar that Son#3 and his fiancĂ© had put together with what must be a collection of the worst photos of  family members ever taken (and believe me, I seem to take some very bad photos as the years roll on) and which I can hardly wait to see mounted on our wall next to the phone. (After all, I'll need something to laugh about when yet another salesperson rings me up and tries to sell me something that I don't want or need or tries to convince me to give them all my pertinent details before my computer causes an international crisis and I end up in some forgotten gaol.)

However, despite knowing the amusement it would likely bring my readers, I'm not going to share it here. I do have some dignity after all and the rather tattered remains of an image to protect. Besides, do you really want to see me dressed as Helen of Troy alongside DH in a Hawaiian shirt as we leave home to go to an H-themed Christmas party? (Don't answer that.)

Instead, I'm going to share some of my favourite photos from the past twelve months. Some you may have already seen but hopefully that won't make them any less enjoyable!

And for those who might be wondering, yes, I did get my CD. And it's all that I hoped and imagined!