Summer, a Pohutakawa, and A Leaning Nativity

Today – with Son#2’s permission (although he may have been only joking-  we decided not to check but to take his words at face value!) – DH and I treated The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#4 to an ice block. After all, ice blocks or ice creams, are one of the joys of summer, and today it certainly felt like summer.

After purchasing our ice treats, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 was not going to let go of hers until we found a suitable shady place to sit and enjoy them. A pohutakawa tree – also known as New Zealand’s Christmas bush – provided just the spot.


Sharing is good …

And so is this treat ...

More sharing (they've taught her well this girl) ...

It has a stick in it? I wonder what that's for?

Tissues can only clean up so much mess and certainly cannot remove the evidence of the indulgence …

Walking off some of those calories afterwards …

On returning home I spent some time sewing up knitted nativity figures that I had made earlier in the year. In fact, I think the original plan was to have this nativity scene finished by last Christmas so that the grandchildren could play with it and practice the Christmas story. It didn't happen, and it probably won’t happen this year either, but hopefully there will be a Mary, Joseph and an angel to get us started.

Sometimes, you just have to lean on a male figure! (But sshh, don't tell anyone.)

The Most Adorable Granddaughters#1-#3 came to visit and thought the figures were great. I'm satisfied. Who cares now if they lean to one side and Joseph can only stand straight if his lantern is on the floor and the angel only has one wing (the instructions said to make four but I misread and only made two, so when joined together I had only one wing - oh well, something to make for next Christmas) and the sheep have no legs and a tail that goes up rather than down? Little girls can now tell the Nativity story (with much glee and interesting variations) and that's what they were made for.

By the way, if anyone would like to see if they could improve on my craft-woman-ship, here is the pattern. There are free ones available online if you prefer, but this was the one that most appealed to me.


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