Why, oh why, did I decide on echo quilting as the best filler for the background of the quilt I'm making Son#3 and his fiance?

It will take me forever to do, and the wedding is less than eighty days away.

On the bright side, while looking for examples of echo quilting and trying to determine if it was more time-consuming than cross-hatching, I stumbled across this blog. It inspired me to keep going.

Meanwhile, here's a progress pic that doesn't show the areas where the echo quilting is to go. I have to keep some things secret, after all!

On second thought, does it really matter? It's not as if I'm showing the whole quilt. Besides, the groom has already seen it, even if I am trying to keep it hidden from the bride.

I'm convinced that anyone who decides to do this much hand quilting in such a relatively short amount of time - especially when that hand quilting is not going to be easily seen due to the background fabric - is certifiable. That, or they need to save up for carpal tunnel surgery. At this stage, I'm a candidate for both.


SchnauzerMom said…
Wow that quilt is gorgeous. They are a very lucky couple. I'm sure they will love it.