Day 68: Raincoat

I love walking in the rain. I love it with that "Yay, I'm alive feeling". The same kind of feeling children probably experience when they jump in puddles.

I love the feel of rain running down my face. I love seeing the sky changing as the rain clouds move across it. I love watching ripples in the water that collects in places. I love the way a raindrop is precariously suspended in space. I love the way rain makes my hair feel so soft and the way it teases the curls out of hiding. I love how everything looks fresh after the rain.

So it only goes to reason that I am grateful for my rain jacket and boots which allow me to get outside and enjoy the rain. And even though my jacket collects water in its hem, and in an unsuspecting moment the dam bursts, sending the water gushing down my legs: even for this I am grateful for when I finally get home and get changed, I can appreciate the comfort of being warm and dry again.

Oh, and I'm grateful to DH for laying slate tiles in our laundry room, making even the most drippiest of jackets, child's play.