Something In The Water?

My sister says there must be something in the water ... I don't know about that but it is with much joy and thankfulness that we welcome another precious and Most Adorable Granddaughter. Our only fear is that her big sisters will smother her with love before she reaches adulthood!


Sharlene said…
You are so blessed!
Jules said…
Thank you Sharlene. Having had five sons, we are really enjoying Six Most Adorable Granddaughters.
Liliana said…
Oh I can feast my eyes on your family photos for the rest of the night, but I do have to stop and get some things done! The baby is beautiful. Gorgeous! I showed my husband the pic of your son holding the baby and told him all about your five boys and how well they've all turned out, and then I told him about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SIX granddaughters and he was duly impressed. I do admire you so! You and all of your family. XO from New Mexico, USA.
Fox said…
Congratulations!! God has blessed you with another beautiful grandchild! I know your son and his wife must be so very proud! My Mom had two of the 7 of us at home. And she loved giving birth at home. The doc said she was too old to have the last one at home, so she did have her at the hospital, but we were out of there in just a few hours and I was blessed to see my baby sister born. :) I pray her big sisters will love her and treasure having her in their life just as I do my younger sisters. Congrats to all of you!
Anonymous said…
What a sweet lovely, beautiful baby! How wonderful to have 3 girls. They will be the best of friends, as they grow. Congratulations!!!


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