A New Era

When Son#1 left home at the beginning of 2003 to embark on tertiary study, I could not imagine the moment when almost thirteen years later our youngest son would complete his tertiary studies.

It feels like the end of an era. And I'm not sure if I'm ready for it.

Last weekend DH and I helped move four years' worth of belongings from Son#5's student flat (apartment). His exclamations that it felt weird to be finished with university echoed my own feelings. To not have an excuse to visit our neighbouring town or have somewhere to call in when we do 'have' to visit (for shopping or concerts or DH's work) will seem weird at first. We've gotten to know this town almost as well as our own and can find our way around easily. We even know where the best places are to eat now (it took us a while but when four sons choose the same university to attend, you have several years to get to know a place).

But it's come to an end. And for him a new chapter has begun.

Yesterday we left him with an older brother after the previous day having moved him and his belongings (and some of his brother's too if the truth be known) four hours' drive from home (and in the rain) so that he can commence full-time employment.

It's a move I'm not fully comfortable with.

Four sons came home to live after finishing uni. Three sons left again to marry and begin homes of their own. Our youngest didn't come home and isn't getting married. While he is staying with his brother and sister-in-law at present it is only until he can purchase a vehicle (which he is hoping will happen sooner rather than later while I'm happy with later). The house he will be eventually renting with three other guys is quite a distance out of town and thus from his place of employment - therefore the necessity of some form of transport.

Only the other day The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 told Son#5, "I've really missed you. I'd forgotten what you looked like."

I know the feeling well!

(P.S. I washed his patchwork quilt and I think I may have shrunk it!)