Where is God?

Last night when we arrived home after having helped Son#5 and his friends move all their furniture out of their student flat, we were met with the awful news of the shootings in Paris. As I read about the heart breaking drama, a verse immediately came to mind:

It is so easy to ask where was God in all of this and I imagine many of my acquaintance are asking that right now. But are they laying blame where it doesn't belong?

Firstly, it is the thief that seeks to kill and destroy. Not the I AM. Why blame God when He is the One who has promised us life?

Secondly, we largely ignore God, ask Him to leave our schools, our courts, our governments, our nations, and yet we expect Him to suddenly intervene when something like this occurs despite not having sought Him previously.

Thirdly, how often do we acknowledge the good He sends us? Do we ask ourselves then, where is God in all this and praise Him for His goodness, or do we erroneously believe that it's our own efforts that have brought us such blessings?

Please, don't get me wrong. What has happened in Paris - and what is happening in other parts of the world - is a dreadful thing. A sorrowful thing. But we shouldn't blame God.

I believe His heart breaks for the sorrow and evil in this world. But it's not His doing.

And despite what it may look like, He is still in control. None of this has taken Him by surprise. Not Paris. Not the Pastor's wife who was shot in a home invasion. Not the friend who lies in a hospital bed riddled with cancer. Not the young mother of five in a coma.

He knows. He cares. And He is in control.

Where is God in all of this?

He is here.