Easter weekend I gave The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 the task of official photographer while on a family walk. That's how I know I still had my bracelet that my husband had given me one wedding anniversary (twentieth perhaps?) ...

Three days later, after noticing the bangles on a colleague's wrist, I suddenly realised my bracelet was missing. I searched work ... I searched home ... I searched the car park ... I searched outside ... I searched the washing machine ... I searched wherever I thought it could be ... but I had to face facts: it was gone.

DH promised me a new one ... but it's not the same. I'm not a huge jewellery person: I feel weird buying it for myself and DH tends towards gifts of a more practical nature (although after many years of marriage he's now realising how much I appreciate gifts of silver and gold).This bracelet had significance and romantic associations and precious memories and I was disappointed it was missing. Greatly disappointed.

Fast forward to yesterday ... more than three weeks since evidence of it having been on my wrist, and I was getting into my car to go to work -  the car I have driven to work every single weekday during the past three weeks - and there it was sitting on the floor.

I was thrilled, naturally, BUT I have no plans to wear it again any time soon especially since I had the clasp fixed not so long ago when it came undone, so having it fixed again is not going to give me peace of mind. I'm not sure what the solution is this time. Weld it together once it's on my arm perhaps? Padlock it on? Any other ideas?