A-Walking I Shall Go

I went out walking last night and didn't pass a single walker or runner. And for good reason. Most people show more sense than yours truly. Despite there being severe weather warnings in place I decided to venture out anyway.

I love a good walk in the rain.

Just not icy cold rain that feels like needles whenever it hits the skin. Especially when accompanied by gale force winds that makes one wonder if they are making any progress forwards.

I arrived home drenched to the skin and with ear ache so severe that I couldn't stand upright.

My self-inflicted misery was compounded by my inability to light the fire despite an hour of trying. DH likes the toxic-smelling, air-polluting fire lighters we purchased and so kindly disposed of all the newspaper I was saving. I cannot cut kindling and it seems no one else wants to (despite all the sacrifices I have made over the years) so it makes no difference that I would prefer to light my fire with kindling and newspaper ... I am  going to have to learn to light the fire with the fire lighters or freeze.

Alternatively, I could finally carry out my threat - a threat I pull out every time the temperature plummets - and catch the next flight home. (We were back there last year when they were meant to be having one of their coldest winters on record: it was bliss!)

Our new pastors arrived last week from a much warmer clime. I remember my first year or so here when I absolutely froze and people would tell me that it wasn't cold yet. I seriously wanted to deck them!

When summer finally rolled around I couldn't understand why everyone was complaining of the heat. To me it was only warm. Fast forward twenty years and either our summers are warming up or I have become truly climatised. Since people still laugh at me and all my layers, I'm assuming the former.

So today I feel for our new pastors who must be freezing (and since they are pastors they probably don't feel like decking anyone) and am also thankful that the rain held off when I took my MIL shopping. In fact, it didn't bucket down until I had all my groceries and bags and everything else I needed to unload from the car safely on our veranda.

If I hadn't checked the letter box, I would have remained completely dry.

So please excuse me while I go and try and light the fire ...