Let's Eat!

One of the many benefits of having DH home has been that he has taken over the cooking. It's wonderful to get home from work and not have to bother with cooking tea.

He's also done quite a bit of baking, especially when some of The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World have visited.

Of course, fresh gingerbread is a good excuse for eating outside with a pretty quilt as a tablecloth.

Feeling guilty that he was always slaving over a hot stove, I decided to celebrate his heritage and make something I have wanted to for a long time: Welsh Cakes.

Now these are not the same as the Welsh Cake recipe his paternal aunt jealously guarded. That cake we think was a fruit cake. (One day I hope to find a living relative willing to share the recipe.) No, these are what are commonly called Welsh Cakes and are similar to a griddle scone but with currants and sweeter.

We left off the dusting of sugar and the toppings of jam and butter as they were already sweet enough and didn't need anything more.

On a roll (and possibly feeling a little envious that I can't claim a Welsh grandfather or an English grandmother since my ancestors left their homelands too many generations ago to count easily), I decided to make Welsh Rarebit. Again, something I've wanted to try for a while. It takes slightly longer than grilled cheese on toast - but not a lot longer - and was worth it. (I decreased the cheese by about one third and it was fine.)

Now I'm just wondering if there is a way to keep DH home full time so that he can always do the cooking and I can just dabble in the kitchen when the mood strikes me.