My Most Recent Embarrassing Moment

As an introvert I'm not comfortable doing anything that is likely to bring attention to myself. For a long time my most embarrassing moment was one that someone else had caused. (Ever had someone over a loud speaker in a crowded car park give directions on how to reverse your car out of a tight space? Son#4, who was in the front passenger seat, slid down so low no one would have known he was in the car! I doubt he has forgiven me for that one yet). But my most recent embarrassing moment is solely my fault and responsibility. Unfortunately.

And, strangely, involves a car again.

A few weeks ago my phone went off as I was getting into my car to drive home after a work meeting. Once in the car, I checked the message that was from my son and said out loud (yes, I talk to myself) that I would reply once I got home. I then threw the phone onto the front passenger seat and proceeded to drive home.

I was quite buoyed up after the meeting and as I was driving I burst into song. Michael W. Smith's How Majestic is Your Name. Now let's get it clear: I am not a singer as much as I'd like to think I am. I cannot get the high notes in that song.

Now that didn't matter because I was alone. Or so I thought.

I stopped at traffic lights and could hear laughter. I glanced around. No pedestrians and the people in the car next to me were ignoring me.

I shrugged my shoulders and kept singing.

Shortly after arriving home, the phone rang. The landline. DH answered it. The conversation on the other end went something like this ...

"Is Mum home ... Is she okay ... Has she been taking something ... ?"

Perplexed, DH gave the phone to me.

Apparently when I had thrown my phone onto the car seat I had accidentally rung Son#2 who, according to him, put me on speaker phone and enjoyed a laugh at my expense.

Now my son knows all my faults and most of my weaknesses but to prove to his wife that I am so very far from perfect was face-reddening embarrassing!

I'm just so grateful that I wasn't carrying on a conversation with myself!