Winter Getaway

The plan was to take an honorary long weekend and head to sunny Gisborne for a few days. Sun we saw on the long drive to and fro, but during our time there, Gisborne failed to live up to its reputation.

Still, there are some advantages to getting away mid-winter. Such as:

Spectacular scenery ...

Experiencing sights at their worst and still finding them breath-taking ...




Not having to fight for elbow room with other tourists to capture the perfect shot ...

And enjoying popular destinations without  hordes of holiday makers around ...



We arrived home Tuesday evening and woke the next day to wild and turbulent weather. Places that don't usually experience snow are seeing it; roads are blocked (including some we travelled home on); flights and ferry crossings have been cancelled (not a consideration for us but Sons#3 and #5 may be affected and at least one son is anxious to get home); and our front veranda is covered in debris thanks to the wind (which we have the dubious honour of having more of than anywhere else in the country right now).

Our time away is already quickly becoming a faded memory. However, as nice as a weekend away is, sitting home in front of the fire - especially as the wind roars outside - is even nicer!


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