Last weekend DH and I jumped in the car, drove five minutes, and then spent forty minutes walking around the lake before coming home and cooking dinner. It was early evening, hardly anyone around, the wind couldn't penetrate the trees, and there were obvious signs of approaching spring.

It was delightfully, deliciously, wonderful.

It certainly made us wonder why we don't take advantage of such scenery more often. We have several small lakes, a river walk, and a couple of beaches to choose from, so why do we waste time and assault our senses by walking around the block?

In part, maybe it's because the weather has been so lousy. Not at all the kind of let's-put-a-jacket-on-and-get-outside-weather most days. If we decide to go for a walk we tend to make it quick and it tends to be more from a sense of 'have to' than 'want to'.

I don't mind admitting that I am so over this winter (no surprise to most of my readers), but so are most people I talk to. It hasn't been a particularly cold winter (in fact, we've only really had one or two frosts), but it has been a bad winter for illnesses and it's also been a wet winter.

Our backyard looks as if we're raising pigs ...

... which we're not. Just one speedy dog and lots of rain.

DH is so tired of filling in holes in the lawn that I think he wasn't too disappointed when he woke with a headache this morning and had an excuse not to get outside. Not that there was a large window of opportunity to be outside. No sooner had I hung all the washing out, and the rain came down.

Ah well, days like this provide an opportunity to do some knitting and indoor pursuits and play Monopoly with two little girls and appreciate the fact that we have somewhere dry and warm to sit.

The only thing missing is music and chocolate. The first I'll rectify soon ... the latter, well I'm trying to convince myself that I don't really want it and that a piece of fruit would be a better choice.

(Mmm, wonder if I can be bothered to mix up a batch of choc-hazelnut muffins?)