I have a confession.

I caved.

Quite spectacularly it seems.

I finished the pinwheel block and while I was happy with how it looked, and even went to the trouble of grafting the beginning and end together and weaving in all the ends, I wasn't in love with it (the Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 has since indicated that she has her eye on it for purposes yet to be determined). I have no desire to cast on for another one ...

... but I have cast on four blocks for another Sediment Blanket.

Yes, that's right. I caved not once, but four times! [Hangs her head in shame.]

After looking at my small bag of leftover wool (which has been boosted by the addition of five more balls that I found at a secondhand shop and were dirt cheap despite being 100% wool) I decided that I could start now and plan for it to be a long term project. Perhaps by the time I finish it, someone may want it - or I will have found a home for it somewhere.

And perhaps by then I will have been forgiven (by myself mostly) for setting aside the socks and quilt I'm working on and instead knitting another blanket that I probably do not need. Oh the shame of caving when one had plans to be sensible.


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