Sunshine and Rain

It was another of those days when we told ourselves that we must get outside and enjoy it because "We won't have too many more days like this before winter". For some reason, it has so often happened that Saturday has been wet (and DH has been unable to finish our path in the orchard and I haven't been able to get washing dry) and Sunday has been glorious.

This weekend was no different and despite feeling disinclined to go for a walk, we just could not stay home and let all that wonderful sunshine go to waste.

Last weekend it was one of the nearby lakes that we choose to walk around; today we decided to go to a rarely visited beach and walk along to the river mouth. In twenty two years, I don't know if I've ever approached the river mouth from this direction.

We started out optimistically, thinking (well, I did - I have a feeling DH knew better) that it would only be a short return walk of forty-five minutes or so.

I was wrong.

It was twice that.

And the sunshine disappeared soon after we began. But it was still mild and the sky changing overhead was a sight not to be missed.

The walk back seemed to take forever and I was beginning to wish that I'd agreed to DH's original suggestion to take the vehicle rather than walk but now that we're home again, I'm not sorry we went. The scenery was beautiful and relaxing, and the company wasn't bad either. In fact, we were reminded of one of our very first dates and it was pleasant to reminisce and pretend to be young once again (even if we didn't get rained out like we did on that first beach walk together).

However, it appears that not all of New Zealand has enjoyed such weather. Sons#3 and #5 experienced flash flooding earlier today. Son#3 and DIL#3, who are to move into their first home next weekend, had begun packing in anticipation. Yesterday Son#3 packed up his tools into boxes and left them on the floor in his garage. Today he unpacked them all to dry them out.

I suspect that he was not too thrilled when he discovered his garage had been flooded. Considering they are not on the banks of a river or a stream, I am blown away by the amount of water they had in their property. And the threat isn't over yet, apparently.

Son#5 fared better this time but has said that roads around him are still flooded. I'm glad they're both safe but I feel for them both.

I just wish I could bottle some of our sunshine and send it to them. I'd even be prepared to exchange for some rain if it would help them out!