Queen's Birthday Weekend

I'm not one to ever say "No" to a long weekend. Weekends seem so precious these days (I guess because I'm practically working full-time - I say "practically" because in theory I'm only part-time but in practice I am full-time) and long weekends are extra precious.

One of the great things about long weekends - apart from an extra day off work and more time to knit or garden or enjoy the outdoors - is having more time to spend with family.

And this weekend we have been particularly blessed indeed in this regard. Son#4's girlfriend came to stay for the weekend; Son#2 and his family came for lunch after church on Sunday with DH's mother making a guest appearance in the afternoon; Son#1 and his family came late afternoon Sunday and ended up staying for tea; and Son#5 blessed us all with a surprise visit Sunday afternoon (remember my last post when I said he was in Invercargill - well he had the opportunity to ride a friend's motorbike back home and jumped at the chance). The only ones missing - and they were dearly missed - were Son#3 and his wife.

Today, the sun made a half-hearted appearance and we decided to get outside and enjoy the outdoors while we could. DH stayed at home to work on my garden path (it's almost done) while some of us enjoyed a walk around the lake.

It was hardly an original idea (even for this time of year) as there were many others out enjoying the lake and the weather as well ... but I think we all had fun.

Um, what does it say about us when the photo where we're all pulling faces is probably the best of all?