Survival Or Put Me In a Straight Jacket Now

Also known as Week One of Renovations Round Three.

We have survived the first week of our renovations. I'm not sure how. DH has found it easier than I have (and I'm not even sure Son#4 noticed!). At times I thought I was handling it well and then one small thing would have me in tears - usually something inconsequential.

Last night Son#4 asked if some friends of his could stay over this weekend.

Me (trying to be open minded): How many?

Son#4: Five

Me (as I thought of our spare beds being used as a place to safely store dozens of quilts or with boxes/furniture hard up against them; the fact that we have had no lights or power in the bedrooms or hallway for the past week; and that camping out on the floor is hardly an option when there's a layer of dust deep enough to suffocate an army; and silently processing this information and thinking Why don't you just put me in a straight jacket right now - before I become a blithering idiot): Who?

Son#4 answered and I wondered who was the more crazy: him for asking or me for even considering how we could make this work.

However, today I did a little rearranging and if his friends are brave enough to come, then I will swallow my pride and welcome them to our rather messy and dusty abode. Besides, DH and I will be going away and the headache of accommodating five extra people will belong to Son#4.

In one week we have gone from this …

to this …

to this …

My sanity has been sorely tested and every time I think I've adjusted to the new "normal" it changes. I'm not sure I'm gonna survive this project. Unlike last time, we seem to be living in the midst of it. We pass it every time we use our front door (which I'm avoiding as much as possible). The hallway from the bedrooms to the kitchen is lined with furniture and tools and cords and bits of plaster. Every time we open our mouths we breathe in dust. We risk injuring ourselves if we walk barefoot through the house.

(Actually, I've just read old posts and it was no easier during Round Two if here and here and here are any indication.)

We've been told it will be totally worth it.

I'll withhold judgement until it's done.

Meanwhile, I've gotten creative. I've finished the first sock in this pair ...

I tried a few different things, made a few mistakes, but overall am pleased with it and cannot wait to finish the second sock. However, this pair will not be worn until our renovations are done unless I want white to turn to grey.

I started this other pair a week ago.

A really sad situation at work had me coming home and reaching for the needles. This is 8 ply and I thought I'd chosen 3.75mm needles. When it didn't seem to be knitting up as quickly as I expected I checked the needles and discovered I had mistakenly used 2.75mm! But I liked the fabric, it still fitted, so I decided to keep on with these needles.

I like the way the pattern coincidentally flows from the toe. I say coincidentally because I'd started the sock with another pattern in mind but after several rows I decided I didn't like it. A quick browse through my pattern book and I decided to try this one, despite not being in love with it. That has now changed and I'm looking forward to finishing this pair. Some travelling time this weekend might mean that's a strong possibility. (The other pair are not ideal knitting for the particular stretch of highway we'll be travelling.)

I'm looking forward to a break from the mess. When we return I'll have to face it all over again but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. And I must admit that the sight of all that brand new insulation in the external walls is sweet indeed!