Forgotten Cookies

The other night as I was about to go off to bed it suddenly registered with me that Son#4 had two exams the next day. I'd been told earlier in the day (I was going to add 'of course' then remembered that this is the same son who didn't tell me he had exams this week and next and I had to find out from someone in our Bible Study group!) but it hadn't really sunk in until bed time.

He would have one exam from 9.00 am - 12.00 noon then another from 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm. The one hour break in the middle was for lunch. I had plenty of bread and fruit (well oranges and grapefruit not that anyone eats grapefruit apart from DH) and nuts and dried fruit in the house but I wanted to do something 'extra' for his packed lunch.

I threw the ingredients for Fruity Oat Bread into the breadmaker and set the timer going for it to finish the next morning just as we would be waking up. Made with wholemeal flour, rolled oats, olive oil, egg, dried fruit and spices it is wonderful for meeting the high energy needs of teenage males! Whether he had it for breakfast or took it as a part of his lunch or both, I knew it would be well received.

But I also wanted him to be able to include something 'special' (read 'high in sugar and/or fat') in his lunch and after flicking through my recipe folder decided to try one that I've had for years but never tried: Forgotten Party Cookies.

My recipe used 2 egg whites, 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar, pinch of salt, 3/4 cup white sugar and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. I popped them into a hot oven, shut the door, turned the oven off, and went to bed. No waiting around for the cookies to bake, then cool, then be put away. The only thing I did do was wash up the few dishes that I used. So if you're into quick and easy to make something yummy, this is a recipe worth trying. Oh, and they tasted great.


SchnauzerMom said…
That's an interesting way to make cookies and they look great!
Jen said…
Those look yummy! And easy too!