Happy Birthday Son#4

Yes, another birthday in our family, and there's still a few more to come before we can even think about Christmas.

Today is Son#4's birthday and he's also sitting his final mock exam. They call them 'mocks' because they don't count unless the kids are sick or there are other circumstances that prevent them sitting their final exams, in which case these ones will be counted. So it does pay to do well in these exams (as Son#1 found out the first time he sat his mocks because his beloved grandfather died just days before his 'real' exams started).

Son#4 wasn't overly impressed that he had an exam on his birthday. Some years his birthday falls during school holidays (which he prefers!) but not this year. Still, he did have yesterday off to do whatever he desired. I had suggested he study for his exam yesterday but he seemed to think that he had enough time this morning before the exam to do the study required, and anyway he asked, "How can you study for Spanish?" (Surely he must have vocab to learn or something.)

I'm planning a family tea (dinner) tonight. Sunday we had Son#3 home from University and my MIL came for lunch and I made Aussie Lemon Cheesecake for Son#4's birthday cake. I've never made a baked cheesecake before but decided to give it a go. Yummy! There's still enough left over for dessert tonight - if it doesn't get eaten first.

As any parent knows, birthdays are special occasions when you get to relive all the special memories that you've made together and take time out to thank God that He entrusted you with such a precious life. And to look back over the photo albums of course (stop groaning boys)!

So, Happy Birthday Son#4 and I hope it's good despite the exam!


Jen said…
Awww, look at him! What an adorable baby he was! You sure had some beautiful babies Jules :).
SchnauzerMom said…
He was a cute baby! I hope he has a great birthday!