Proud Mama (and a few other things)

The graduation photos have arrived. Check them out at the bottom of the graduation post.

Following Noel's lead I've also deactivated my Facebook account. I joined to keep up to date with an upcoming school reunion but frankly I just can't be bothered with it. Yes it was interesting to hear from old school friends, but no, we don't have anything in common. It may be a great way to social network but it's not me. I'm not interested in the games, being tagged, or what someone had for dinner. So it's gone. And I feel good.

On the same subject, perhaps someone can explain to me the appeal of Twitter because I just don't get it either despite reading several articles that have said it will raise my awareness as a writer and increase traffic to my not-yet-up-and-running website.

I'm following with interest Kristin's challenge to wear skirts/dresses for a week and to do a different hair style for each day of the week. I wear skirts often. I don't always look feminine or fashionable but I do like to wear them. Because I'm short, skirts that fall just below the knee or just above mid-calf tend to look best but I do wear ankle length skirts (especially when it's cold) even though they tend to make me look frumpy. However, I decided not to participate in the challenge this week for one very good reason: it's so cold here and I'm away on Saturday and I know I will find it easier to wear pants. Perhaps I could participate at a later date.

I am however trying to do a different hairstyle each day. Not easy when my hair is long and I have to wear it contained for work (unless I want little fingers in it and a host of other things). But this is how I've managed so far:

Monday: Single Dutch braid;

Tuesday: Plain Cinnamon Bun secured with two hair sticks (this is the best style for when my hair is wet and I need to do something with it);

Wednesday: Rope Braid Bun secured with two hair sticks (different to the hair sticks used on Tuesday) and a few pins;

Thursday: Infinity Bun variation secured with one hair stick and a few pins.

Tomorrow I might look at doing a French Braid looped up so that it's not hanging loose. It will be so much easier on the weekend to come up with something creative (but then again, maybe not since I'll be leaving home at 6.30 in the morning) when I can wear it down or partly down. Go here if you need more ideas (although I don't recommend the hot rollers or the backcombing).


Noel said…
My hair never does the same thing twice, so that was the easy part of the skirts challenge.

I just really don't get the twittering. It doesn't even sound right :) Good for those people who have the time, I guess.
SchnauzerMom said…
I'm on Facebook but I don't look at it for more than a few minutes at a time. Love the graudation pictures!
Jen said…
I have been on Facebook for awhile. At times I love it, and at times I get really burned out with it. I do keep in contact with a lot of people, and most are believers, so we do have quite a bit in common. I just don't like feeling like I need to check it all the time.

I love your challenge to wear your hair different every day! I have thought about doing that, but never have. You are inspiring me Jules :). Now I am going to go check out your graduation pics. Hope you have a blessed weekend!