O is for ... Overgrown.

Our backyard that is.

Son#5 offered to mow it during his holidays but for reasons I have yet to comprehend, DH turned him down.

I'm not sure what he's waiting for. Wildlife to take up residence perhaps? Or maybe to see how long grass will grow in a year?

Actually, I tell a lie. I've just remembered why DH said No. It's because we had problems with our plumbing in the holidays. Water was bubbling up from behind our new gully trap and also from a place in the ground where old pipes had supposedly been removed. DH had to get out with a long stick and poke holes in the grass trying to find where the pipes were. He found them, dug holes, and the plumbers came and fixed our problem. But DH doesn't want the holes filled in until he's drawn up a little plan of where they are ... in case there's a next time and he needs to find those underground pipes again.

That was two weeks ago and the grass has grown in that time and will continue to grow. And Son#5 will not be in a hurry to offer his services again - not with only two weeks left at school and exams looming close.

So from this:

to this:

Which looks best?


Liliana said…
Hmmm. You're two ahead of me and I was nearly neck and neck a day ago.