Work of Art

She didn't get the purple cast she had hoped for on the follow-up visit to the hospital, so the family set to and combined their artistic skills - and lack thereof - and created a unique masterpiece which has a strong nautical theme. Far superior to plain ol' purple, wouldn't you say!

And, now-you-see-it-now-you-don't pose:


winterwren said…
Cuuuuuuuute! Is that terribly wicked of me to say? I really am so sorry she broke her arm and feel very bad for her, I do! I broke my arm (or rather my elbow) and it hurts like the dickens. But those are darling (if sadly) photos.

And I know I said this before (and am combining post comments) but that quilt is just beautiful.

Hope you continue to have a happy month of celebrations! That must be nice--I always get the post-Christmas let down blues.

Jules said…
I'm sorry you've broken your elbow. Ouch!

It's summer here so we don't really get the post-Christmas blues. We do get the summer blues because the weather has been so lousy at times, but in January we'd love to be able to just sit back and relax. But with all the celebrations in the family it's almost impossible to do so. At least now that Son#1 is married, that's one birthday cake I don't have to make. And as the kids have gotten older they've been quite happy for me to just 'borrow' Son#5's birthday cake for my own rather than having to make a new cake.
winterwren said…

That is true, you do not have winter following Christmas, do you? So I guess there is already more to do there in January.

I am sorry, I did not *just* break my elbow. I broke it when I was younger and just remember how much it hurt. Now I feel like I mislead you. I did have a electric metal door close on my head this last summer (yes, really) and got a concussion and hurt my neck again. Does that count? But the elbow thing was long, long ago.

(I have actually thought of you since my head injury, because one of my main symptom has been trouble with my right ear and since it got cold the wind is awful. I remembered you saying that and I wear earmuffs, which helps more than a hat and pretty much stops the wind. But I really have thought of you and your ear/wind troubles on several occasions. I sympathize!)

Jules said…
lol. My fault for misunderstanding. Either way, it must have been painful. And the concussion too. Ouch!

I don't know of anyone who wears earmuffs in real life. Most people wouldn't think it cold enough to wear them here. I wonder if I would be brave enough?
winterwren said…
I suppose it does not get that cold down there, does it? Actually, even here, not many people wear ear muffs, although they sell them in the stores. By the time it is really cold enough, most people would just rather wear a hat. And I wear hats, too, which are warmer overall, but the ear muffs do stop the wind more than any hat I own. (The only exception being wearing a hat with my grandfathers hunting parka and then pulling the hood up over the hat and buttoning it under my chin.)

Perhaps you could start a new ear muff trend down there. You are a brave enough person, I think. But I also think that ear muffs would get a little warm for the weather you have right now. And do they even sell them there? Maybe not. Hmm.