Day 60: Excitement

I am grateful for the excitement that is a young child's ... especially when awaiting the start of her very own I'm-now-big-enough-to-understand birthday party.

It reminds me of the simple joys of childhood that are such a blessing ... and I'm grateful that my grandchildren get to experience such joys.

I remember throwing up on my fifth birthday. I went to bed and my party was cancelled. Most parties (mine and others) were filled with trepidation because they involved people. I don't remember the excitement and thrill of a party unless it was for my twenty-first. I'm not saying such excitement didn't exist - I just don't remember it.

But today I enjoyed seeing excitement on my granddaughter's face and the pleasure she took in cards, presents, party games, and a cake with candles (that her sister blew out).

[Credit for the photo goes to Son#2.]