The Cure

It would appear that the cure for 'second sock syndrome' (i.e. when the second sock never gets knit due to boredom after finishing the first sock) is not to knit two socks at a time on two circulars, for therein lies insanity. No, the cure is to have not one ...

not two ...

but three ...

projects on the go at once since one can then deceive thyself that one is never knitting a second sock. And since none of these are what one would call low-light or low-concentration projects I'm wondering if I need another? But alas, I have no more needles in the correct size/s and cannot justify buying another set.

Mosaic and stripes in Patonyle and Zauberball on 2.25mm needles and 72 stitches.

Love this yarn that is a blend of NZ merino, alpaca and possum.

Trailing leaves in Waikiwi on 2.5mm needles with 60 stitches. Purled gussets and slip stitch heel.

Yarn by Doespins; 2.5mm needles and 72 stitches. First sock. Toe done on second sock.

Modelled on my foot where it is too long and too wide in the foot, and too tight in the leg. (I must have calves that are more shapely than those of the males in the family!)
 It would also appear that the cure for a bad back is time ... and a great physiotherapist ... and less time knitting (like that's going to happen) ... and enough exercises to keep me busy all day ... and a loving husband and family who give me time off from doing housework.