Another Early

There must be something in the air ... and sadly it's not summer. Maybe the recent tendency towards cooler temperatures has somehow tangled up a whole lot of mixed messages in my subconscious (after all, most Christmas movies, Christmas carols, and Christmas cards portray a Northern Hemisphere scene) and caused me to think of Christmas when I normally wouldn't (because usually I'm waiting for it to get hot before I think Christmas - which it never does here).

Or maybe it was just because I had some helpers.

Whatever the reason, our Christmas tree that we decided to recycle from last year has been decorated (although the lights haven't been plugged in) and someone has helpfully set up the manager scenes.

DH also unwrapped the puddings ready to freeze and we had to resist the temptation to eat them now. (They smelt so good.)

However, while all this preparation has occurred earlier than usual, there is at least one event in our family calendar that won't be early.

Despite everyone - or almost everyone - wishing it was so.