A Sore Thumb

I don't hear it often these days, but growing up I would often hear my parents say about something or someone that they/it "stuck out like a sore thumb." Which is immediately what I thought of when I saw these mittens that I made to match my latest cowl.

But for all their awkward-looking-ness, they are very comfortable mittens and I'm grateful to be wearing them as I type this, even with the fire roaring and the house cosier than it has been all winter (and it needs to be given the forecast for the remainder of the weekend).

As I mentioned, I made them to match my cowl. This one.


I wasn't sure if I wanted a scarf or a cowl so did a provisional cast on just in case. For a variety of reasons I ended up choosing a cowl. (They stay around my neck when I'm busy better than a scarf; they don't dangle into food or washing up water; they use less yarn than a scarf; and, I was bored stiff with the pattern by this point and decided I really, really wanted another cowl rather than a scarf.)

I've already worn it (prior to blocking it which probably wasn't really necessary anyway) and it's lovely and warm and cosy. I was hoping there was enough wool left over for a pair of mittens so cast on, developing the pattern as I went. One mitten I had less than two inches of yarn left when I finished the mosaic pattern; the other mitten I had to raid my scrap basket and found a marching piece of yarn to work the last row. These mittens were knitted flat but could easily be knitted in the round. The slipped stitch pattern and the 8ply/DK/light worsted yarn makes them especially warm.

And that thumb? It fits beautifully, even if it dos stick out ... like a sore thumb!