Reintroducing The Family: Part Three

Sometimes I like to set myself impossible - or at least unreasonable - tasks. This year was no exception. I decided to knit socks for all my sons.

I have five sons.


Amazingly I finished them all bar one indiviudal sock by the shortest day of the year. And that one was only a week late.

Which brings me to Son#3. (Actually I'm not sure how we got here but here we are!)

I first introduced Son#3 here. I wrote about his engagement here and here and I shared photos of his wedding here and here.

Son#3 did a Bachelor of Enginneering and then followed with his Masters. DIL#3 works in the medical field. It is important to keep this in mind as you will eventually discover.

Son#3 and his lovely wife have just bought their first home. Four hours away. Four! That means we spend a lot of time missing them.

But we really are quite happy for them and try to make the most of any time the family manages to all get together.

Oh, and how could I forget their adorable baby?