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I'm back. After several frustrating days where my computer was playing up due to a virus I can report that I am now back and hopefully with minimal damage.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 is also back. Yesterday her Daddy took her on her very first train trip. Trains are not plentiful in our part of the country (if you miss one you could be waiting a day for the next one) so this was quite significant for The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1.

Waiting for the train:

Here it comes (a speck in the distance):

It's noisy!

Saying goodbye:


And what was the first thing The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 told me when I asked how her trip went (considering it goes through some incredibly spectacular country)? Answer: that she didn't have to go to the bathroom on the train! (Something I'm sure her Daddy appreciated too.)

Just Like Jonah

At times I am afraid that my feet will slip from the path I'm walking and I'll plunge into the abyss that lies either side of the road. My failings, my disappointments, my pain, my very human-ness at times threaten to overwhelm me but just as Jonah found his salvation in the belly of a large fish, I will find my salvation in the Lord.

I went down to the moorings of the mountains;
The earth with its bars closed behind me forever;
Yet You have brought up my life from the pit,
O LORD, my God.

When my soul fainted within me,
I remembered the LORD;
And my prayer went up to You,
Into Your holy temple.

Those who regard worthless idols
Forsake their own Mercy.

But I will sacrifice to You
With the voice of thanksgiving;
I will pay what I have vowed.
Salvation is of the LORD.

(Jonah 2:6-9, NKJV)

Warning: Sock Purists Read at Your Own Peril

I tried. Really I did. There is something appealing about being able to slip a sock on as soon as the last stitch has been cast off with no seams to sew up. I've knitted several on two needles and thought it was time to do a toe-up version on four needles.

The 'proper' way.

By the time I'd gotten halfway up the foot I had discovered that while this might be more traditional it certainly was not fun.

Not even a little bit.

I dropped stitches, forgot to count rounds which meant I knitted past the cable round, and continually stabbed myself with the needles. I don't do winter and my hands especially don't do winter. At the moment they are red and sore and split and blistered and do not appreciate any more abuse - whatever form it comes in.

So after looking one last time at the sock sitting demurely on my four needles and looking like a sock, I whipped the needles out and undid it and returned to my trusty pattern.

On two needles.

I quickly realised why I like this patt…

Frosted Beauties

Please excuse any spelling mistakes but I'm typing this with gloves on. My fingers are so cold that I'm surprised they aren't covered in tiny icicles like the ones growing on the top rail of our fence. One knock and I'm sure they'll shatter into a million pieces (my fingers not the fence).

Son#5 was the brave photographer when he took the rubbish bin out. He's still of an age where frozen puddles and the dog's water bowl fascinate him. To me they just mean brrrrrrrrrrrr. I am just proud that I have somehow managed to finally leave my nice warm bed with electric blanket and find a somewhat sunny spot to sit in but I'm willing to admit that I'm not yet ready to go outside and brave the cold especially when it means I'll be handling wet sheets that need to be hung on the line.

Ooh, just the thought of it makes me shiver. I think I need another cup of tea before I even consider it.

Lessons From A Roman Tunic

EQUATION: Chunky wool plus chunky cable plus chunky woman do not mix. Trust me. And you'll have to be content with the photo of what I call my Roman tunic without me in it. Just take my word for it - it didn't look good. Not even remotely.

Despite the dismal failure of said tunic - and the discovery that it looked awful was just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments starting with the wool not coming even close to the tension/gauge I wanted despite the lady in the shop assuring me it would - I have had some success with other knitting projects.

After completing these socks I then went on to complete another pair using recycled wool and smaller sized needles. I'm even more pleased with these. And just in case you're wondering, yes I have begun yet another pair. (I'm not sure which is the most fun: buying the wool; deciding on a pattern; knitting the socks; or wearing them?)

I've also knitted socks for The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World …

If Only She had Ignored the Lies

Last week a very special woman died. Beautiful, attractive, five fantastic kids, a loving husband, a job she was good at, friends, yet she listened to the father of all lies. Those lies that said that life wasn't worth living, that she didn't deserve to live, that those around her would be better off if she didn't exist, and so she died by her own hand.

I grieve. I grieve for the waste of a wonderful woman who had so much going for her. I grieve for the graduations and weddings and grandbabies she will never experience. I grieve for her pain and the feelings that brought her to this point. I grieve because she listened to Satan's lies. And I grieve because I understand.

Today we said our final farewells. Tomorrow - or sometime soon - many of us will return to our own everyday lives. Our old lives - changed perhaps because of what has happened but still going on much the same as before. For her husband and children and parents there will be no going back to their old live…

Children are So Honest

"Do you know you talk funny?" The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 asked our guest as he was leaving.

"Yes I do," he graciously replied.

Our friend is American (apologies to all my American friends and incidentally, I like your accent) but has lived in New Zealand and more recently in Thailand. His accent isn't perhaps as 'pure' as it once was.

We're surprised that The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 even noticed considering all the talking she was doing.

I wonder how long it will be before she realises that I talk funny?

An Interview

Wendy from Aussiewriters graciously interviewed me for her blog which features and promotes Australian and New Zealand writers. I'm excited to see such a site and think it's wonderful that we can join together to promote other writers from down under. After all, we're not in competition but rather all working together to spread the good news of God's love. I rejoice when another Christian author is published and their message gets out to the world. And I'm saddened that in this economic downturn there are books that aren't getting published because that means that someone may not hear the message they so desperately need to hear.

You can read the interview here. Please feel free to leave a comment. I'm sure Wendy won't mind.