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A Good Start

Unlike last holidays where I spent the majority of the time sick and felt that I achieved nothing, these holidays (officially starting today) I plan to pack as much into as possible. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve so that I can do some of the things my little heart desires, but if not, I'll try to make the most of it anyway.

Today I have managed to:

1. Walk - which seems to have helped with some of the discomfort I've had recently so I'm hoping that means it was just my body tensing up from all the stress I've been under in the past few weeks and nothing more serious and that now things will start looking up.

2. Knit. A week ago I finished this cute shawl and since the weather was so bad yesterday, I actually got to wear it. It's the same as a previous one that I made for a friend except I started the pattern two rows early, thus avoiding the 'knit one' that was either side of a pattern repeat in the centre of each 'half'. Certainly …


She walked from the car to the house, up the steps, and down the hall, holding a card in one hand and softly saying the name of Son#4. It was as if she was on a mission, and the constant repeating of the name was a reminder to keep on task. She was almost there, too, when she happened to look out the French doors, and ...


Poor Son#4 was forgotten as The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 caught sight of her favourite doggy friend.

Ah, well. At least she helped decorate his cake.

Happy Birthday Son#4 and God's blessings on the year ahead.

Love Affair

It began when I was but fifteen or sixteen. A busload of students from my all-girls school travelled to Sydney to see John Waters and Jackie Weaver in They're Playing Our Song. At the time I had no idea what to expect but by the end of the production, I'd fallen in love. Deeply. Badly.

It was to remain a secret affair for years. Study, marriage, raising children: those pursuits do not allow the time or money to pursue such a love affair. Yes, there were others during this time: a few high school productions (including a memorable one where it began to rain and the audience could seen the rain dancing off the electrical equipment and the students carried on as if professionals), local theatre productions here and there (all very good, I might add) but last night was the culmination of what began all those years ago.

Before I write more, I need to go back a month or so. Son#2's and DIL#2's birthdays were approaching (a day apart). Remembering how much Son#2 had enjoyed t…

I Can't Believe I Did It

In all my life I have never 'done' a Church Ladies Camp so what madness possessed me to register just two weeks out from the camp? Two weeks when I'd almost gotten away with another year of not attending?

I suspect a conspiracy.

So far I'm still managing to breath and have not suffered any anxiety attacks but will this continue? As the day draws nearer will I seriously regret what must have been a rash decision in a moment of temporary insanity?


There are several reasons I don't 'do' Ladies Camp.

One: I don't like being away from home. In the past I've experienced panic attacks when having to sleep away from home. Our trip earlier this year to South East Asia was unique in that despite the circumstances and the dangers, I only had one bad night when I struggled to remain calm. (Possessed swine outside our bedroom window, broken generator which meant no lighting or air-conditioning, barred windows and no fire escape, are all good reasons to…

An Open Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,
It seems to me that you have been rather reserved lately – even avoiding us. I know that you’re shy and that Winter’s callous and arrogant ways can turn you off, but don’t you know that you have always been first with me? If I could, I would ban Winter from my house forever, but, sadly, he cannot take the hint and even when you think he’s gone, he surprises you and makes himself unwelcome for a day or three again.
You are different and have always been different. You are gentle and a breath of fresh air after Winter’s stay. He knows how to outstay his welcome – something you have never suffered from. Instead, you seem to creep in tentatively as if you don’t know how you will be received.
Don’t you know that we have been preparing for you already? Just today, in anticipation of your stay, I have planted seeds and fed the citrus trees (something DH has been reminding me needs doing for a while now) and thrown open all the windows, hoping to give Winter the hint that he is not …

In My Kitchen


Anyone who knows me well, will know that the above sight is not one you would expect to see in my kitchen. I don't 'do' seafood - or fresh water food or the like. Until a year ago I had never cooked fresh fish. If DH or one of our sons happened to catch fish, they did the cooking.

But here I was draining whitebait and preparing to make whitebait fritters, all in the name of love (for Three Adorable Granddaughters). Thankfully, DH finished pruning my roses (another act of love) and came inside just in time to take over.

With foresight, I also cooked up a batch of cornmeal pancakes, which The Most Adorable Granddaughters#2 and #3 ate like there was no tomorrow. When DH and The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 grabbed a whitebait with their teeth from inside their fritter and waved it about like it was still alive, the rest of us were grateful for those pancakes! When this behaviour reappeared every time they bit down on a whole whitebait I did wonder just how much I had to en…