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How Far?

The question was asked in church this morning, "How far is it to heaven?" And then, "Can we walk there? Can we drive there? Can we fly?"

Of course the answer to these last questions is "no".

As humans, we struggle to really grasp the concept of heaven. We haven't been there and we haven't seen it, yet we know it exists.

For my great-uncle it was the distance between his last breath here on earth yesterday morning and his first breath in eternity. No distance at all really.

But for those of us left behind, it can still seem like a long way away.

In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2, NKJV.)

Been Here Before

When I saw the subject line in the email that came through a few days ago, I assumed that DIL#1 had finally taken the plunge and cut off all beautiful long hair since she has mentioned a few times lately that it's driving her crazy and she feels like just chopping it all off (we all have days like that). I opened it expecting to see photos.

But, no. The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 had decided to give herself a fringe. It's interesting that at some time around three or four years of age that so many girls decide to play hairdresser.

However, I feel partly responsible, although I know I shouldn't. Whenever The Most Adorable Granddaughters visit my house they always seem to find themselves in my room in front of the mirror with all my hair toys (excluding #5 but I'm sure that will come). Often they'll have a comb or brush in one hand and a handful of clips in the other. Even before they're using a lot of language, they are able to make it clear that they want th…

In Praise of Women

Today is Mothers Day and we remember and celebrate our mothers. For some, it can be a very difficult time. Not everyone had loving mothers and so they approach the day with mixed feelings. Or some lost their mothers too soon and the day holds regrets and painful memories. Others, long to be mothers but aren't and so struggle with the pain of infertility or miscarriage, singlehood or widowhood, or the loss of a child or children. For those who are Christians, it can be a very difficult day as pastors exalt the calling of motherhood and fail to be sensitive to the pain of those often silent women in their congregations or fail to acknowledge those that have fulfilled their desire to nurture by ministering or serving others in need.

For years I hated Mothers Day. I had this misguided notion that the pastor (men?) felt that if they praised us one day from the pulpit each year it was like a pat on the back that said, "Hey, you're doing a good job, keep on." I obviously f…

To Love or Not

Warning: this is going to be an unpopular post. I don't like to be controversial but when I see lies parading as truth and going unchallenged, I have to speak up. I know others have written about similar things - perhaps even the exact same issues I'm going to address - and have probably done so more fluently and succinctly that I will, but still I must have my say. So if you're in the mood for light reading, I recommend skipping this post.

This past week I've seen yet another marriage hit the dust. A marriage that was barely a year old; a marriage that had hardly begun, and now is over. I'd like to believe that it was an isolated case, but it's not. In the past few years I've seen other marriages crumble. Some were of very long standing. And in each case it made me want to weep.

So what are these lies I'm talking about?

One: We've fallen out of love.
I'm not sure if I want to shout "Nonsense" or "Join the real world". In the…

There Must Be Some Mistake

When I went for my music lesson today my teacher seemed uncharacteristically excited. She mentioned the word "opportunity" and my immediate thought was, "Oh no. She wants me to do something out of my comfort zone. Probably play a solo or something. There is no way I'm doing that."

She then told me to take a seat.

This did not bode well for our future together as teacher and student. Any news where I had to be sitting was not going to be good news, of that I was sure.

My teacher then went on to tell me that she has been approached to play the flute in the orchestra for an upcoming amateur production of Alice in Wonderland, and that if she couldn't do it (due to other commitments) would I do it. Apparently my name was mentioned specifically which was almost earth-shattering since I would never have imagined that the person doing the asking would even know my name!

My first reaction was that I'm not ready for this. Not just confidence-wise, but skill- and …

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Every woman should seethis video- and not just once, but many times. It's a message that most of us need to hear.

I recently read the words of a very wise woman. I wish I'd known her in real life - but I will know her in heaven. I hope it's okay to write them here, because they, too, are a message that we as woman need to hear again and again and again:

Before you go to bed tonight, I'd like you to go stand in front of a mirror and check out His most perfect creation. The one he molded in His image. The one He loved enough to sacrifice His only Son. The one of whom, after viewing, He said, "This is good." And then He rested. (Connie Marquise.)

A New Term

My holidays are over and in just over twelve hours, it's back to work I go.

I'm feeling stressed. It will be a busy term and I will hit the ground running. I had hoped to recharge my batteries these holidays - and I did to a point - but I also feel frustrated because there were so many things that I wanted to achieve in two weeks and which I obviously didn't.

I did manage to do one edit of my third book - but didn't get to do a second edit that I had also hoped to get done while I had a decent amount of time to devote to it. (What happened to that time?) As to actually doing some real writing ... there's always another time (I hope).

I didn't email my first publisher - despite two annoying messages that popped up regularly on my computer screen to remind me to do so. For some reason, the reminder was entered twice - as if once wasn't bad enough. And for some reason, while I enjoy writing, I don't enjoy writing emails to publishers.

I didn't get to s…