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Bleak House

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year.

Today, I think, was the coldest.

Sweet Spot

Craving something sweet last night I tried this chocolate cake in a mug from here. I used half the amount of sugar and replaced the cocoa with cacao powder and only used half, and maybe went a little over with the chocolate hazelnut spread, but it was super yummy!

I made it again today, doubling the recipe as I did last night but divvying it up between three teacups. It went down a treat especially with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 who came for lunch following church.

Later, we met up with her family to feed deer at the local park. Son#3, or more specifically DIL#3, had collected a huge bag of acorns and given them to Son#2 a little while ago, and the deer certainly appreciated the treat.

And before the day became too cold for little ones (and bigger ones, too)  there was time to play in the park and kick up some leaves.

Pikelet Picnic Please

This afternoon DH and I had the pleasure and privilege of babysitting The Most Adorable Granddaughters#4, #5, and #6. We decided to make pikelets and take them outside if a sunny corner could be found.

The girls found a perfect corner, DH moved table and chairs, and a picnic tray complete with cream and jam for the pikelets and a pot of Rose Early Grey tea was set.

All that was needed then was an attitude of thankfulness, a desire to enjoy what was on offer, and a healthy appetite.

Pikelets were eaten until "I'm full up to here" and it was time to do a little gardening while the sun was still shining and swap photographers (i.e. I'm no longer the one behind the camera.) By the way, Miss Almost Five (The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5) is the one with the 'eye' when it comes to interesting shots.

My Most Recent Embarrassing Moment

As an introvert I'm not comfortable doing anything that is likely to bring attention to myself. For a long time my most embarrassing moment was one that someone else had caused. (Ever had someone over a loud speaker in a crowded car park give directions on how to reverse your car out of a tight space? Son#4, who was in the front passenger seat, slid down so low no one would have known he was in the car! I doubt he has forgiven me for that one yet). But my most recent embarrassing moment is solely my fault and responsibility. Unfortunately.

And, strangely, involves a car again.

A few weeks ago my phone went off as I was getting into my car to drive home after a work meeting. Once in the car, I checked the message that was from my son and said out loud (yes, I talk to myself) that I would reply once I got home. I then threw the phone onto the front passenger seat and proceeded to drive home.

I was quite buoyed up after the meeting and as I was driving I burst into song. Michael W. S…

Prism Shawl

(By Tanis Fiber Arts.)

My Sweet Blueberry Shawl (almost done even after undoing more stitches than my heart could handle!) uses the border pattern (and other design elements) from Tanis Fiber Arts Prism Shawl. This is a beautiful design and easy enough for the beginner shawl knitter except, as I discovered when I reached this point in my own knitting, the instructions can cause some confusion.

I'm hoping to help clear up the confusion because, after charting the pattern and doing the maths and reading dozens of comments, I realised that I was over-thinking it all and that there really is a simple way to work the pattern. And it is achievable for any knitter who has managed to get to the border stage without losing their mind.

Basically, once the border is reached, there MUST be a multiple of 15 stitches on both halves between the edge stitches and the centre stitch AND the usual yarn overs that are worked before and after these stitches are still worked but as a part of the patte…