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What Can You Do In Just One Week?

I've discovered that you can:

Face your fears,

Revisit childhood memories,

Meet local wildlife (a highlight for Son#5),

Promote a book (and meet some wonderful people),

Catch up with family (including those I hadn't seen for fourteen years),

Do research for a new novel,

Introduce your son to the land of his birth (and which he doesn't remember at all),

And rediscover that home is truly where the heart is (yes, I'm glad to be home again).

Random Questions for Writers Part Two

Here it is: Part Two of the Writer Personality Test from Emily of Benedictions.

-How is your handwriting?
Once upon a time it was very good. Now, I hardly ever write, and it tends to just be a scribble. Ask anyone whose book I signed and they'll agree!

-How evil are your villains?
A lot of my villains have been drawn from historical evidence and so you could say they are true-to-life.

-Are you long-winded or succinct?
I tend to be succinct which can present problems. Sometimes scenes need more 'padding' and I struggle to introduce what's needed. I certainly don't go in for long flowing paragraphs about sunsets or whatnot.

-Do you have typical writer traits such as ink stains on your fingers or a pencil behind your ear?
No, but like most writers I am a little crazy. It's the waiting that does it.

-Would someone walking past you on the street consider you normal?
I try not to converse with my characters while out in public. But if I do, I'm in very good company. Lucy M…

Random Questions for Writers (and that includes you!)

Emily from Benedictions posted a writer personality test. I'm always intrigued to know how others write. There is no 'right' way (haha, no pun intended). Since I'm away from my computer this week, I thought this would make a great two-part post to fill in the time until I return (just in case someone somewhere is desperately missing my incredibly exciting blog posts - not!).

-Do you have a pen/pencil collection? How many of those are chewed?
I do have a favourite pen or two but I can never find them. In our house we go through stages. When you don't need a pen, there will be pens lying around all over the place. When you do need one - urgently - you can't find one. I have a collection of pens in an old china cup next to my bed but I don't think any of them work at the moment. I gave up chewing pens when in high school after someone told me it caused cancer!

-Do you prefer handwriting or typing furiously?
For a long time I used to hand write and then type the no…

Flying on the Promises

As you read this, I'll be making my way - by plane, yes! - to Australia. I am not an intrepid traveller. I like my feet firmly on terrafirma - preferably in my very own backyard. To me, there really is no place like home.
But I'm leaving. Flying. If there was another way ... but there isn't.
As I've been anticipating (dreading?) this journey I've been searching for ways to make the trip easier. I don't think there is anything that can make me enjoy the flight but I will endure it. I will survive! I have my books (of one of my favourite authors - Maryann Minatra), I have my son's MP3 player with an audio book and music (hopefully music that I like) and I have God's promises.
The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies.
For who is God, except the LORD? And who i…

Mothers and Lists

I opened my emails this morning to find one from my mother, which at first appeared quite urgent. It turned out that she was anxious because I hadn't yet sent her my flight number and she was afraid that I'd suddenly developed cold feet and had decided not to fly over for her birthday and my niece’s wedding. The email ended with a request to reply immediately and put her mind at rest - which I did - and then I made a comment to my sons about how their grandmother had overreacted.

Son#4 immediately asked, "Have you forgotten what mothers are like?"

I replied, "I'm not like that."

The silence was deafening.

I'm not like that. I'm not.

I care about their well being and get anxious when they're not home on time. But I'm not like that. Really I’m not.

I understand though. I haven't seen my mother for three years, my dad for four years, and some of my nieces and nephews for fourteen years! My family had no indication that I was even planning a t…

Writers are a Crazy Bunch

I read on another blog today that you have to be crazy to be a writer. Why? Because if you weren't crazy before you started writing you will be after you've had to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

It seems that editors (bless their hearts) are notoriously slow at getting back to writers. Of course, they have many writers to consider and we only have ourselves, but the waiting can be torture.

I know. I've been waiting five months for a response to my second MS. I'm almost afraid - despite all the wonderful feedback I've had from readers (now they are not in the same group as editors!) - that the publishers won't accept the sequel to To A Distant Land. And then what will I do?

Meanwhile I'll try to keep writing and not think about all the dreaded possibilities. Down that track lies insanity. And while I might be crazy, insane I am not (yet)!

A List of Can't Do's

A comment in an email that echoed similar ones I've received recently has caused me to seriously consider the impression I am giving in my blog. In the email I was asked if there was anything that I cannot do as if I'm some sort of wonder woman. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I've tried to keep my blog real but perhaps I've fallen into the trap of only ever announcing my so-called accomplishments and glossing over - or hiding - my (many) failures. I am human - very much so - and I would hate for anyone to think that they could not measure up to me. The reality is that I am a very ordinary person who has to deal with her own weaknesses daily. Yes, I've been blessed with talents and abilities, but so has every other woman I know (okay, and quite a few men too but this is one blog post that is really only for women - for those that beat themselves up for failing to fulfil the wonder woman image), and yes God has blessed me abundantly, and for that I can only …

Patience is a Virtue

Or so the saying goes. I'm afraid it could be a virtue that I'm sadly lacking.

It's five months since I sent my second manuscript to the publisher; four months since I heard from them re said MS.

I'm so afraid that any day now it's going to turn up in my letterbox with a polite rejection slip.

The second novel is based on my 'blog verse': But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Is there a lesson for me in this perhaps?

Nah ...

Well ... maybe.

Titles are Not My Strong Point

I love to write and I love to blog but I'm hopeless when it comes to coming up with a catchy title. It takes me far longer to think of a title than it does to write a chapter-length blog post.


When it came to writing a title for this post I tossed up "The Prodigal has Returned" but DH is hardly a Prodigal; "DH is Back" but that's hardly exciting; "Things are Back to Normal" not exciting either and not exactly true; "No Title" but that makes it sound as if I can't think of anything to call this post which is the truth but do I want the whole world to know how inept I am at thinking up imaginative titles? And so I discarded them all and settled on the truth. Titles are not my strong point.Titles are not my strong point. Titles are not my strong point.

All that to say, well nothing really. Because when it all comes down to it, this post has nothing to do with titles. Not really. It's about DH returning and me being able to s…