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Week Fifteen: Getting There and a Birthday

The end is in sight! This week our deck has been painted (and yes, I still love the colour), our bench top went in, the handles went on, and our stove was installed (well partly). We're still waiting on our range hood to go up, the painters to finish in the kitchen (for some reason they've seemed reluctant to do the kitchen), and the electricians to finish wiring everything up.

Then, I can say goodbye to our temporary kitchen.

Not before time!

I had promised Son#4 that I would make him a birthday cake in my new oven. I made the promise weeks - months - ago before I knew that our renovations were going to drag on longer than expected. Yesterday was his birthday - and I made him a cake - but not in my oven. If he doesn't mind waiting, I'll make him another cake once my oven is fully operational. And hopefully the next one won't be all gooey in the middle as this one was (not sure what went wrong there considering I ended up baking it for a further twenty or so minutes.)


I have an important decision to make – one that has nothing to do with renovating – one that has to be made quickly. I’ve been offered increased responsibility at work but with the hours I want. It seems that others have this view that I have untapped skills and knowledge. If that is so, then I’m certainly not aware of any such skills or knowledge chaffing at the bit to be let out.

Perhaps their opinion of me is a little – ahem – inflated. Or perhaps they’re just desperate for someone to fill the role. Then again, it is on my terms, so perhaps they do really want me after all. (Do they really know what they’re letting themselves in for?)

One skill I can see myself needing in this new role is that of decision-maker.

I don’t know if I’m a very good decision-maker.

Take our kitchen for instance. DH has repeatedly told me that he wants me to have the kitchen I want. Within reason of course.

Great! What woman wouldn’t be thrilled with that! However, it’s not been as wonderful as it sounds. When…

Week Fourteen: Drama, Disappointment and Delight

It’s been a week where in some respects little as happened, and yet in others, too much has happened. It began with our floor. That same floor that I was so proud of. Our contractor said he could lighten the water stain and we told him to go ahead. Returning home late one night we discovered that the water stain had indeed been lightened but so had a surrounding patch one metre square with additional splatters on many other boards (the photo shows the stain before lightening - we didn't think to take one after).

To say we were disappointed is an understatement. Devastated might be a better choice of word. DH, whose love of timber surpasses my own, was considering having the kitchen uninstalled and replacing all the affected boards. Given how close we are to finishing, this option didn’t sit well with me, but we could see little choice.

However our contractor worked on it with dyes and stains and secrets of his craft, and the result is that the floor, while not the thing of absolute …

Week Thirteen: Aha! Moments

We've had a number of Aha! moments this week. You know the kind I mean: when something goes together and suddenly you go, Aha!

It happened first when the kitchen units went in. I'm still without a bench top, but that didn't stop me from having an Aha! moment. Actually there was more than one Aha! moment. Naturally when the units went in and I saw the layout of my kitchen I went Aha! but when the cupboard doors went on and all my fears about colour and style disappeared I had another Aha! moment. In fact, it was more of an AHA!!!!!!! moment.

As for my china cabinet, every time I look at it I have an Aha! moment. We had so much trouble explaining what exactly it was that we wanted when we first started getting prices for our kitchen (no one seemed to get it), that it's exciting - and another Aha! moment - to see that our joiner executed our plans perfectly. It's just what I dreamed of and more.

Our kitchen and dining room floor has been another Aha! moment. Although it&…

Week Twelve: Dreams Meet Reality

It's reached that stage where we discover that all those decisions - big and small - that we thought were going to bring our dreams to fruition have at times fallen short in reality.

Like the wall colour and the ceiling beams ...

When I first saw the paint on the walls I wanted to cry ... or scream. It looked so lemon and lemon is not a colour I would choose to live with. It was meant to be neutral and retiring. The painter had even assured me that it was a great choice as it would be neutral and anything would go with it. Hmmm. I wonder if another coat is going to make any difference?

Then there's the size of the room. We've been hoping that once the kitchen goes in and our furniture that it will look bigger than it does at present. If it doesn't, we're going to have to resort to opening the French doors and using our deck:

Which by the way, has proved to be a good decision. Today was Father's Day and even though the deck is not completed, we got a lot of use …