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It Would Seem

That I am the only person who is less than enthused about the Tangle Teezer that has taken the long hair community by storm. This humble looking gadget in bright colours (or black if you prefer) promises to detangle hair in half the time of other grooming tools and without tears while at the same time making hair look shiny and smooth. I can attest to the last two as my hair did look shiny and smooth but I honestly noticed no difference as far as tangles go and it did seem to remove an awful lot of hair - more so than usual.

Of course, so many people can't be wrong including the Duchess of Cambridge who reportedly uses one (and we all know what lovely hair she has). It must just be me. Perhaps it's my hair type or the fact that I use shampoo bars and not shampoo or maybe it's the way I'm using it or some other factor.

Whatever it is, it's extremely disappointing. I had high hopes for this little gadget. On the other hand, not only is The Most Adorable Granddaughter i…

Reflections from a Rather Ruffled Renovator: Waiting

It seems we cannot start our renovations until we have A (Council consent). But apparently our local government requires a crucial piece of information which they waited until Day 18 of the consent process to ask us for. Since they only have (I think) 20 days in which to respond I thought this was a bit mean on their part especially considering the nature of the information that was so critical. And what exactly was so urgent that it has held up our application? None other than the placement of our hot water cylinder.

Now why couldn't they have asked us that on say Day 8? Now they have another 20 days to consider our application while we just wait.

It's not even as if we can go on with anything else. We have to arrange B (finance) but we can't do that until we've organised C (insurance) which we can't do until D (our builder) gives us a start date. And he can't give us that until A approves our consent.

So instead of packing up sections of the house yesterday as I…


It was Son#2's idea that the baby shower for DIL#2 be a surprise event. It would have been easier to just put a message in the church newsletter but since he thought a surprise would be the way to go, I agreed and started designing invitations.

At some stage during the short interval between printing out the invitations and getting them into the hands of the invited guests, Son#2 spilled the beans. Apparently someone had asked DIL#2 if she was having a baby shower and on receiving a negative answer had suggested planning one. Son#2, obviously not wanting plans to go too far, told DIL#2 that a baby shower was already underway.

When the guest of honour knows that it's a surprise party it stops being a surprise. Strange, but that's how it is. However, as far as the guests were concerned it was still a surprise.

Until last Sunday that is. The lady sitting in front of Son#2 and DIL#2 had obviously received her invitation which CLEARLY stated that it was to be a surprise baby showe…

Second Chance

Today our flute group got a second chance at those pieces we messed up so badly a short while ago. I think we did better.

DH at least wasn't negative. He did say that he enjoyed the violinist most. Well of course he did! An afternoon with the local Music Society may not have been his thing (he insisted on coming to support me) but the young girl who played the violin was exceptional! You would have had to be not breathing not to enjoy her!

It reminded me that I so often get second chances. And third ... and fourth ...

This morning before church I was downstairs trying to rearrange my out-in-public-must-smile-and-pretend-to-have-it-all-together-mask when I threw a prayer heavenwards. Lord, is there just one person up there who cares? (referring to the congregation gathering above my head).

I composed myself and walked upstairs and looked for somewhere to sit. As I made my way toward a row that had enough seats for DH, Son#5 and myself, someone slipped into the seat first. There was sti…

You Do What???

Actually my family haven't said this to me yet probably because they long ago consigned me to that section of the human race that is spoken about in whispers and veiled terms.

Yep, they think I'm crazy.

But my latest obsession isn't crazy. And it's not that unusual. So what is it?

I've given up shampoo.

For good.

In fact I've given it up for soap. Well, shampoo bars to be exact.

Some people give up shampoo and use nothing but plain water (some even less) but I wasn't brave enough to try that. Besides, I like the scent and lather of shampoo bars and you just can't get that with plain ol' water. Others use baking soda in place of shampoo but for me baking soda is too drying. And again it doesn't have the lather or scent of shampoo bars.

If you've not heard of them before (and believe it or not, there are those that haven't heard of shampoo bars - affectionately known as 'poo bars - I used to be one such person) you could be wondering what ex…

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day DH and Son#5 took my MIL and I out for lunch. We ended up at a very pretty garden cafe enjoying the rather unusually warm weather and each other's company. It was a precious time.

For me, no visits from my grown sons today but that's okay. Sons#2 & 3 came for dinner last night with wife/girlfriend (depending on their marital status - they did not each bring a wife and a girlfriend - that wouldn't be allowed) and I spoke to Son#4 on the phone since he wasn't able to be here. Son#1 and his family are in Australia visiting my parents and my mother was apparently enjoying breakfast with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 when I texted her this morning. I'm thrilled that my mother is enjoying my granddaughters almost as much as I do (I doubt anyone could enjoy them as much as I do - that's a right I reserve for myself alone) and that she was able to spend today with them when she's had so many years without her own children around her on…


Holidays are over and today it was back to work we go. I was fortunate - I only had to work half a day as three teachers were rostered on but only two were needed. I quite happily volunteered to be the one to go home. This was no huge sacrifice on my part. I've picked up an extra afternoon against my will and desire so to be able to drop a few hours was a relief.

I thought of all the things I could do once I got home ... but I didn't get to do them. A bit like my holidays. I had plans and so few of them came to fruition.

However ...

I did get to spend time with family. Sons#3 and #4 came home and The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World#1 and #2 also came to stay. At times it was busy - even hectic - but it was fun. I loved every minute of it.

Son#3 was only home for a few days but Son#4 was home for almost a fortnight and didn't go back to Uni until Saturday. We took him over and were able to time it so that we could watch his hockey game before heading home. (I also ha…