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A Birthday

There are probably Cascade Falls in almost every country in the world (just like Bridal Veil Falls seem to spring up everywhere)

But there is only one Son#3 and we're proud that he's ours.

Today we remember the gift of Son#3 twenty five years ago. Happy Birthday Son#3!

Summits, Mountains, and Hot Pools

Usually I avoid walks that include words like 'summit', 'mountain', 'trig', '360 degree views' in their description. And with good reason. Such walks are not so much walks but climbs.

However, this time I decided to throw caution to the wind (after all, it was only 90 minutes of climbing according to the information board - surely I could manage that?) and I'm glad I did - if for no other reason than the views were spectacular.

And the company was pretty good too.

And who can be mad at a walk that culminated in a long hot soak in natural hot pools beneath a leafy canopy? (And for Son#2 who says they look dirty: it's the suphur!)

Certainly not me - even if we did smell strongly of sulphur afterwards and were dehydrated and sunburnt (not me - just the rest of the party). Oh, and that climb that took 90 minutes, took less than 30 to descend.


If my family were in any doubt of my [in]sanity, I could have removed all doubts last night when I decided to cook dinner, make quiche for finger food for a shared lunch at church, bake mud cake, and whip up homemade icecream all with two little helpers.

I was so busy trying to ensure that something didn't go into a bowl that shouldn't - although I suspect some grated carrot did end up in the mud cake - and preventing flour, eggs, cream, and whatever else from not ending up on the floor - that I had no idea if I was coming or going or even staying.

I commented to DH that I must be insane and he muttered agreement as he quickly fled the scene. I was even willing to admit that perhaps I was a leetle crazy.

But sometimes we need a little craziness in our lives. ... And The Most Adorable Granddaughters#4 and #5 certainly enjoyed Uncle#3's craziness when they got to Skype him before bed time. Shy at first, he soon had them laughing at his antics that were made to look as if he …

Chocolate Latte Socks (In honour of Vanilla Latte Socks and Chocolate)

I am pleased to announce that I finished DH's socks for his birthday and with a few days to spare too. Not that it matters. It's too warm to be wearing them nowadays anyway since Spring has finally decided to put in an appearance (now that the school holidays are over and we're all heading back to work).

But they're done and I guess if he doesn't wear them I won't have to mend them any time soon. Having spent a few hours these holidays darning socks and muttering thoughts not fit to be published about the futility of darning socks (especially when one pair is more 'darn' than sock), knowing that at least one pair of socks will not need to be darned next winter is a bonus. I am seriously contemplating the  inadvisability of knitting socks and toying with the idea of vowing never again to knit a pair of socks apart from, of course, the pair already on my needles.

After all, I spend hours knitting socks only to have individuals put them on their feet an…


DH and Son#4 profited from my illness today. Unable to eat the almost-two litres of homemade yoghurt in our 'fridge, and knowing that the guys wouldn't eat it because it's not sweetened, I decided to make a batch - no, make that three batches - of a favourite yoghurt bread recipe.

I haven't made this recipe in ages - probably because for several years there haven't been enough people in the house eating bread to warrant making it (and I've gotten lazy since I no longer have to make sure there's something in the house for school lunches). But it is one that DH has always said that he likes and it freezes well.

And even if I can't eat it, the house smells wonderful! I'm surprised Son#2 didn't smell it and come around to steal one with some peanut butter or something. (Despite having a wife who is a wonderful cook and feeds him well, he always seems to be hungry whenever he comes to our place. Son#4, on the other hand, lives here and seems to be …

Fair and Fat

Fair, fat, forty and fertile. At least my doctor was diplomatic enough to not say fat but I remember the ditty from my nursing days. It seems I supposedly fit all the criteria for gallbladder disease: fair (female), fat (overweight - well maybe - just), forty (closer to fifty than forty but it still applies) and fertile (several pregnancies) except for one critical one - I don't eat a diet high in unhealthy fats.

Sure I eat organic chicken, fish, and wild game (which tends to be very lean) when the guys can get it (and only red meat once a week), free-range eggs, avocadoes, nuts and seeds, and I have raw milk and make my own yoghurt and feta cheese (well I have done twice and it's spoilt me for anything bought), and small amounts of butter, olive oil and coconut oil, but I avoid all vegetable oils (especially those hidden ones in things like crackers and peanut butter) and store bought snacks like cakes and muesli bars that are bad for trans fats, and ice cream (except on occ…