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In Case You Wanted to Know Part 2

25. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? As a matter of fact there is. An hour or so ago we learnt that Son#1 passed his recent exams! He'd worked really hard to prepare for these exams but then he became quite ill and we didn't know if he would be well enough to sit the exam. He did sit it but he wasn't even able to drive himself to the exam so DH took him. And then we prayed. Hard. Very hard. Even though he put the work in, it's by God's grace that he did so well (it's probably one of the highest marks he's ever had in his life!).

26. What did you want to be when you were little? A doctor and a writer. I've achieved one goal.

27. What is your best childhood memory? I don't know. I do have a very clear picture of my first memory though. It's of having a spinal tap as a two-and-a-half-year-old because I was gravely ill with meningitis.

28. Are you a cat or dog person? Dog

29. Are you married? To the same man for over 25 years now.


In Case You Ever Wanted to Know ...

Noel from Bloom Where You're Planted! did this and since I have nothing to post about apart from the fact that I did not achieve this month's goal to lose a kilo (just one kilo - how hard can that be? - if I can lose one kilo per month before the wedding I'd be happy) I thought I'd do this instead. It might even make me feel better about myself.

So here goes ... 48 things about me that you'd probably rather not know anyway:

1. What time did you get up this morning? DH woke me some time around 3.30 (yes, in the morning!) to ask if Son#2 was on call. No he wasn't but his bedroom light was on and it seems that he managed to disturb several members of the household. He doesn't remember turning his light on. After that I think it was almost 7 o'clock when I woke.

2. How do you like your steak? I don't. If I have to eat it then it has to be well done.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? I think it might have been Amazing Grace or else Mama Mia (…

A Goal Achieved

I started growing my hair out over three years ago. This photo was taken not long after I started:

My goal was to reach tailbone (36") and at the beginning of this month I was finally able to say that I'd achieved it:

Yesterday I trimmed and even though I'd like to go on to classic length (42") I'm not going to rush it. I like having an even hemline and I'm going to be working on that over the next few months.

In some ways I think my hair looks better in the first photo than it does in the last. I love the look of long hair and I love having long hair, but I never feel that long hair looks as good on me as it does on others. Plus everyone else has such gorgeous hair and mine is so ordinary. However since my DH loves my hair long I think I'll be keeping it long for a while yet. And it would be fun to experience classic length hair once in my life!

A Willing Helper

(Also known in some circles - particularly teenage circles - as child labour!)

I doubt that captions are needed but just in case: Helping Grandpa Build the Bathroom (yes we're still working on the bathroom but this is bathroom number 2 - the first one is now in use);

and Helping Nana Clean the Kitchen.

Who will do the work when her family return to their own home? I wonder if she could train her uncles?

And Some Words

On Wednesday I got to meet a lovely lady whom I first met about four years ago on the member boards at Faithwriters. She was in New Zealand on vacation (in the middle of LOTR country for any fans) and we were able to arrange to have coffee together (okay we both had decaf but I'm sure that still counts). We found a lovely little cafe where we were able to sit in a private cubicle and we chatted and chatted and chatted. In the end the owners had to turn the lights out and the heating off to give us a not-too-subtle hint to leave!

I must admit that it can be a little frightening meeting someone that you've only known online (what if we have nothing to say to each other?) but I soon felt at ease and hopefully she did too. This lady is beautiful, intelligent, funny, creative and so comfortable to be with and it was a privilege to finally meet her.

Naturally the photo doesn't do justice to either of us. We've both far better looking and far thinner in real life! And we don&#…

No Need For Words


Friends that Complement

(It's not a spelling mistake.)

Gone are the days when a traditional publisher would do all the marketing. Unless you're a "big name", the author is now expected to get out there and promote their book.

No problem.

Unless you're like me and the thought of selling anything let alone yourself and the book you have poured heart and soul into sends you into a panic.

Announcing that I was to become a published author on this blog was difficult enough. And I've only just announced it on the forums I frequent. I hate "blowing my own trumpet". Colleagues I work with don't yet know. People I attend church with don't yet know. There are even members of my family that don't yet know.

So how is someone like me meant to sell herself?

Enter two friends that God has blessed me with.

Friend#1 rang her local bookstore weeks ago to order a copy of my book. When she told me, I laughed and said that they would never have even heard of me. They hadn't. But so d…

It's Really Happening

I had trouble deciding on a title for this post. In fact, I'm having trouble deciding how to break the news.

Ten days ago my publisher sent me the proofs for the cover of my book. I looked at them, asked my family's opinion, thought about them some more, and then shared my thoughts with the publisher. Yesterday I received three more draft covers, chose one, and last night had an email from the publisher that the book was now up on their website. I had to check for myself (of course I trusted them - I just wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not) and it's there!!!

Suddenly it feels very real.

However, I'm not sure if it's the way I broke the news, but when I told my family they didn't seem to grasp the significance of what I was sharing (apart from Son#3 who replied to an email I'd sent him which just goes to show I am better at communicating via the written word than the spoken word). But then again, perhaps they did. Perhaps they're getting as nervous …

Home is Where ... the Children Are

Thirteen years ago when we bought our house I told DH it was a house that needed a baby. Perhaps because to our previous home I'd taken all five of our babies upon leaving the hospital I felt that this house also needed to be blessed by a baby.

I think it was Marilla in the "Anne of Green Gables" series that said that it took a death, a wedding and a birth to make a house a home. We've now had all three: the death of several pets, our eldest son's wedding, and now two beautiful granddaughters living in the house.

Whatever the cause, our house definitely feels like a home. It's certainly not "flash" by any means but it's filled with love and laughter and cuddles and family.

It feels like ...

Home: with the sounds of a baby sleeping in her basket in the living room as we carry on with our daily tasks.

Home: with board games that have not seen the light of day for many years now spread all over the living room floor.

Home: with cuddles and kisses at any …

Too Many Drivers

Congratulations to Son#4 who passed his driving test yesterday and can now throw away his L plates (but don't throw them too far because Son#5 is hoping to get his license these holidays and will be wanting them).

If anyone has ever wondered why my grey hairs have suddenly increased in recent years it's because of teenage drivers! Anyone who has ever sat in the front passenger seat with a teenager learning to drive will know what I'm talking about. I never understood why my parents found it so stressful until Son#1 got his license. Then I could sympathise.

I'm pleased that Son#4 passed but it also reminded me of another issue that we're going to have to address when Son#1 and his family move in this weekend.


More specifically how are we going to get our family car, DH's work car, Son#1's family car, Son#1's work van, Son#2's car (which is Son#1's second car), and BIL's car (while he's living in China and which our sons have used to…

Full House

This weekend Son#1 and his lovely family will be moving in with us. For how long I do not know. But Son#1 is wanting to paint their house in readiness for putting it on the market. Their house is tiny and the job will be easier if he can move people (and some furniture) out before he starts.

So this weekend I'm expecting a full house. Son#2's fiance is coming for the weekend (so I believe) and will most likely go back to University at the end of the weekend. I imagine that Son#3 will go back with her (if he's nice to her!) so that means for a day or two there'll be 9 adults, 1 child and 1 baby in my house.

And only one bathroom!

I can see that we're going to have to make a roster for who uses the bathroom when and if anyone deviates from the plan ... watch out!

With so many extra people in the house (even after the two mentioned above return to Uni) the housework will increase and the laundry will definitely be a challenge especially with the cold damp weather we'v…

Round Again

Last winter I knitted for Son#2, Son#3, and Son#4. So this winter it was time to knit for Son#5 and the above photo is the result. It took a little longer than anticipated, but it's finished now and he seems to like it.

I should also knit for Son#1 but the only pattern he likes is fisherman's rib and no one ever wants to knit that for him because it takes so long! Perhaps one day I'll relent and surprise him.

On the subject of finishing things, I now have an enormous patchwork quilt that I'm making for Son#2 and his wife-to-be to hand quilt. It has not been a good start. I've pricked my finger so many times and have bled - yes bled! - on the quilt. I've struggled with the weight of it and I don't know if it's because I used a cotton/bamboo batting instead of wool (which I usually prefer) or whether I've just forgotten how big and cumbersome a quilt this size is. Whatever the problem, I've almost been tempted to put it away ... but that certainly w…

End of an Era

I walked out of work today, sat in the car, and cried.


Because it's the end of an era, that's why.

For almost 10 years I have worked alongside an amazing woman who has taught me so much on both a professional and personal level.

Want to see what servant leadership looks like? Look no further than this lovely lady.

Want to know how to be a great grandma or mother-in-law?
Watch this lady with her family.

Want to know how to put people first and make them always feel welcome? See this lady in action!

Want to see grace in the real world? You've come to the right place. I've seen her put aside anger and bitterness when she had every reason to harbour such feelings and instead show love and forgiveness. I doubt I could ever be as gracious in her situation.

Last night I put together a collage of photos taken over the past 3 to 4 years (the years that we've had a digital camera at work). In every photo you can see her love for the children. In every photo you can see the …

What Am I?

Despite the title, I'm not sure I want an answer. You see, it all started when I began looking at dresses online to wear to Son#2's wedding. I know I have several months to go yet but buying clothes is something that stresses me out immensely, so I decided to start early.

I found a dress I liked. In fact, I found a few. Contrary to my usual habit, I decided to read the small print - that is, the length of the dress. One forty five centimetres. That's shorter than me, which is a good start - or so I thought until I did a few quick calculations and realised that I'd have to wear 20cm (8") heels unless I wanted to be tripping over the hem.

Cross that one off the list.

Next choice: a dress just below the knee. Even if it fell half-way down my shin it would still be okay. Again I read the small print and did the calculations. No go! This dress that was designed to fall just below the knee on the average person was still going to wipe the floor on me. Surely there must be …