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Over the past two weekends I've been blessed to have all my family around home. Granted, they were only altogether under the one roof for approximately one hour, but there were several occasions where I glanced around happily and counted myself blessed to have three or four sons and their respective wives and daughters altogether in one spot.

But as always happens, all good things must come to an end. As I write this, three family members are travelling home, another is at work, others are gearing up for the work week ahead, and one is excitedly and expectantly looking forward to her first day of school tomorrow.

The reason for two closely spaced get-togethers? Nothing less than three birthdays in the space of less than a fortnight: The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2, The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4, and DIL#3.


I "built" a brick fence to stop Nehli digging up my garden and to allow my bulbs a few more months underground (as opposed to dug up and lying above ground).

It didn't work.

Perhaps next year DH can build something like this:

Happy Wanderer

A new experiment with short row heels.

Let's face it. Short row heels seem to work for me and my nearest and dearest, but I've avoided them in sock yarns because well, short row heels are so plebeian. They seem to be frowned upon: the poor cousins of proper heels as it were.

But proper heels - at least gusset and flap heels on toe-up socks - I have found difficult to fit (which is the exact problem attributed numerous times to short row heels). On more occasions than I care to recount I have ripped them out and added more stitches in an attempt to get them to fit properly, and then, even with more stitches and rows than usually recommended they can be on the tight side. And let's not even mention my one attempt at top down socks with heel and flap that had me with nowhere near enough room even though I had done extra rows on the flap in an attempt to rectify this problem.

But they do look good. Still, what is the point of a good looking sock if it can't be worn?

So ...…

Projects #1

Sometime at the beginning of last September (i.e. Spring when one should look forward with faith that socks will soon no longer be needed - ha!) I decided it would be a good idea to knit 'real' socks (i.e. sock weight yarn rather than the heavier yarns I'd been wont to use) for all the special men in my life.

Why I thought this would be a good idea, is beyond my comprehension. Looking back now, I realise my mind must have been still in its frozen state from the winter I had been forced to endure.

Regardless of my state of mind - or the promise of warmer weather - I embarked upon this project with enthusiasm, finishing a pair for Son#4 (September birthday), a pair for Son#3 (October birthday) and a pair for Son#1 (mid-January birthday) before putting the knitting needles away.

I didn't feel guilty that Son#5 (late January birthday) did not get his socks on time since I had knitted him several pairs (including one really ugly pair) last winter when I realised he had worn…