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Reintroducing The Family: Part Two

This weekend we celebrated The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4's seventh birthday. It's hard to believe seven years have flown by already. She is growing up so fast and has informed me that she is going to take after her mother's side of the family and be tall (height is a gene that does not run on our side of the family). Time will tell.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 is the eldest child of Son#2 and DIL#2. I first introduced Son#2 here and blogged about their summer wedding here. The blog post that features their wedding quilt and was about sexual purity remains my most popular.

Son#2 works in the medical field and DIL#2 did her degree in engineering. This is important as you will discover when I reintroduce other family members. But for now, let's focus on their four delightful daughters ...

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 made her debut here. Nowadays she loves books and clothes, playing games and organising us all. She is also hastening the end of the planet b…

Reintroducing The Family: Part One

Ten years ago this month I began this blog. At that time our family consisted of five wonderful sons (it still does), one daughter-in-law, and one Most Adorable Granddaughter.

Grand total: nine.

Much has changed since then. Our family is considering going to Australia next year to celebrate my father's eightieth birthday and we're looking at accommodation for at least seventeen (if no one gets married or has a baby before then).

So I think a family update is well and truly overdue. As when I first introduced the family, I'll do it in steps. The original posts for Son#1 and his family can be found here, here and here.

As you can imagine, some things are quite different now.

The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 is fast becoming a beautiful young lady. I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps I shouldn't call her The Most Adorable Granddaughter anymore - even though she will always be that to me - because she is more young woman than young child nowadays. She is an avid reader…

Marrying Cross-Culturally

I feel in love with green eyes and a Kiwi accent (I think the accent won hands down). The fact that DH was not from Australia just added to the mystery and excitement but I had no idea at the time what it would mean to get involved with someone from another country. And even though our cultures are very, very similar - they are also different.

After almost thirty-five years of marriage I've learnt a little about what it means to marry cross-culturally ...

One spouse has to give up their homeland. Initially it was DH. After he met me, he resigned from his job in New Zealand and found one in Australia. After two years we were married and quickly bought a house and began a family. As far as I was concerned, we were settled forever. But - as someone told me not long after we moved to New Zealand - Kiwi blokes always eventually bring their women home. And "home" to New Zealand we moved in 1996.

One set of grandparents always misses out on regular contact with the grandchildr…

A Study and A Home

Approximately forty years ago the wonderful lady who taught my Sunday School class took a group of girls through a study on living the Christian life. In one exercise we were asked to write down our desires for a future spouse.

Several years ago I found the notes I'd written. Sadly I cannot remember where I found them or what I did with them afterwards. But I do remember how surprised I was as I read through my answers.

Surprised that the pre-teen/teen version of me was more interested in character than looks or money (back then didn't we all want to marry someone tall, dark and handsome who was also conveniently rich?) and surprised that God had given me my heart's desires.

I shouldn't have been. But I was.

I can't remember everything that I put down (although one is very clear in my mind even today because I had no idea how to word it at that age but I had an understanding that faithfulness in a spouse was a very desirable characteristic) but I think I can confi…

Queen's Birthday Weekend

I'm not one to ever say "No" to a long weekend. Weekends seem so precious these days (I guess because I'm practically working full-time - I say "practically" because in theory I'm only part-time but in practice I am full-time) and long weekends are extra precious.

One of the great things about long weekends - apart from an extra day off work and more time to knit or garden or enjoy the outdoors - is having more time to spend with family.

And this weekend we have been particularly blessed indeed in this regard. Son#4's girlfriend came to stay for the weekend; Son#2 and his family came for lunch after church on Sunday with DH's mother making a guest appearance in the afternoon; Son#1 and his family came late afternoon Sunday and ended up staying for tea; and Son#5 blessed us all with a surprise visit Sunday afternoon (remember my last post when I said he was in Invercargill - well he had the opportunity to ride a friend's motorbike back home …