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It was to be a gentle Sunday walk in the afternoon sun: enough of a slope to make one feel virtuous about getting up out of one's chair and actually doing something, but not enough to constitute work (especially given it was the Sabbath).

We reached what I considered the highpoint and took photos to celebrate. I would have been happy to have turned around and walked back down the hill at this stage.

But there is something about genetics - perhaps it's true what they say about skipping a generation - for almost immediately The Most Adorable Granddaughters#1-#3 (and I can't say with any certainity who was to blame) sugggested we walk to the trig. This is the very suggestion their Grandpa has made over the years and it is one that strikes a certain amount of fear in my heart and limbs.

Now, I might be a slow learner, but after living with DH for almost 35 years I have learnt that "trig" is not a polite way of saying "benign walk". No, it is usually an euph…


Also known as Weeks Five and Six of Renovations Round Three.

I didn't post last week. I was too discouraged. The renovation posts are about as exciting as watching paint dry ...

(Warning: if you're not into watching paint dry, read further at your own peril.)

The windows have come out and are being repaired and double glazed; the plasterer has been times three (and is here as I write this); another pile of firewood is building; a whole lot of rubbish has been carted away; yet still it looks as if progress has fled the country.

I got inspired/motivated/desperate last week and bought some test posts for the new paint colour for the front living room and spent a reasonably short amount of time painting scrap gib. For a few minutes it felt as if we were making progress.

Unfortunately my instincts were right and the colour I thought I wanted turned out just as I had hoped so then I had no reason to pore over paint charts, debate the benefit of cool versus warm or light versus dark,…

Poppies, Socks And An Edit

This morning I threw off my cardigan and enticed our children outside to eat in the sunshine. I came home and sowed seeds in my garden: salvia, cornflour, poppies, snapdragons, cosmos, and lavender. Oh glorious spring! This evening I am in front of the fire as the snowy blast that hit the south earlier today now makes its presence felt our way.

Two days ago I was wondering how long I had before it was time to pack away my sock and blanket knitting. Tonight I'm planning my next project. Knitting items for warmth still feels like a valid pastime. Here are just a few of the projects I've been working on ...

After waiting what seemed like months the wool for DH's socks finally arrived and I was able to finish the second sock. He's wearing them tonight.

I finally finished the pink socks in 8 ply after having to undo the first sock when I couldn't get it over my heel. I should've known that the smaller needles were not going to work. I also redid the cuff on the firs…


Also known as Week Four of Renovations Round Three.

The fact that there is little visible progress happening on our renovation no longer seems important. Today, Father's Day here in New Zealand, DH and I decided to go for a drive. What should have been a shortish drive turned into one of long queues and interminable waits. At least one family's Father's Day celebrations were interrupted and forever after there will be at least one empty chair at their table.

Sobering thoughts and sobering being so up close to the scene. It makes me thankful for today and for each family member and for every moment we have together.

Anything else seems inconsequential in comparison. Yet because I've started progress reports, I'll post some photos (where it will be obvious that there really has not been any measure-able progress - although I have been assured that it's happening behind the scenes).

And a few pics to prove that now that Spring has sprung we were able to get outsi…