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Something In The Water?

My sister says there must be something in the water ... I don't know about that but it is with much joy and thankfulness that we welcome another precious and Most Adorable Granddaughter. Our only fear is that her big sisters will smother her with love before she reaches adulthood!

A New Decade

I've heard it said that once you reach fifty you become more comfortable in your own skin and with who you are. I'd like to believe it's true but I'm sceptical. The forties were a difficult time for me. Despite the wonderful and many blessings I experienced during that decade (possibly more so than at any other time in my life and too numerous to mention here) I spent the majority of it feeling ugly and unworthy.

Ugly because I'm overweight and my hair is turning grey and it's not as thick or dark as it once was. Ugly because my clothes don't fit properly and I can never find the right shade of lipstick and I'm always forgetting to pluck my eyebrows. Ugly because my nearest and dearest think I look better with a fringe when I've always wanted not to wear one. Ugly, because my skin which used to be so smooth and perfect with little aid from me is now lined and beginning to look as if it's a few sizes too big. Ugly because I'm short and dump…

A Special Lady

Last weekend we had the privilege of celebrating the birthday of a very special lady: my mother-in-law and the beloved grandmother of my children and their spouses (and not just my children as there are other grandchildren as well) and the most cherished great-grandmother of the youngest offspring (although the youngest grandchildren is only four months older than the eldest great-grandchild so you could be forgiven for being confused as to who belongs to which generation as I am when I catch myself referring to my niece's cousins as "Uncle#x rather than Cousin#x because she's the age of The Most Adorable Granddaughters - have I well and truly confused you now?).

Although not all the family were able to be present, I think she enjoyed what amounted to a surprise birthday dinner. Thinking she was just coming around to our place for afternoon tea (with no home baking since I was unprepared for this part of the surprise), the look on her face when her daughter and son-in-law…

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea ... with four Most Adorable Granddaughters ... after making this wonderful treat from one of my favourite whole food blogs. Dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free ... what more could you ask for unless you also want to be nut-free? And they went down a ... well, a treat ...

Rebuilding a Quilt

It was my first machine-pieced quilt in the days when I barely knew anything about sewing machines apart from how to thread one and wind the bobbin (um, what has changed?). I wanted to take it to hospital with me when I was admitted one week before Son#5 was due so that I could hand quilt it but DH thought it would take up too much room. As it turned out, the air conditioning went down due to a massive storm my very first night in hospital and was not restored for several days so it would have been too hot to work on it anyway.

With a new baby at home, I'm surprised that I managed to quilt it before he turned two - since it's not a small quilt - but somehow I did.

It came with us when we moved countries and for most of its life (begun in 1993, finished in 1995) covered our sofa. Hence the reason why it began falling apart. The weight of various bodies continually sitting on it and putting strain on its fibres meant that it became old before its time. If I had rescued it when …