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A Dam Picnic

I love the scene in the movie Emma where the footmen bring out the tables and linen for the picnic to Box Hill. In movies and books picnic fare is always exotic and fresh. In real life - at least in our real life - it's anything but.

Our picnic consisted of bread (not fresh but at least a day old), freshly made griddle scones (which the recipe said to cook on a hot girdle and until two seconds ago when I turned to my dictionary and discovered that girdle is the Scottish equivalent of griddle I was wondering how to get a girdle hot enough that it cooked anything other than its wearer), oaty chocolate chip biscuits that Son#3 had made the previous evening, jam (for the scones which were even better than ones made in the oven with their crisp outside and soft fluffy centre), Vegemite, tomato, cheese, fruit cake (for DH and which he didn't eat), crackers, homemade hummus (which nobody touched), fruit, prunes, almonds (of the latter three I was the only person who had a piece of fru…

Random Thoughts

1. I can't get onto two of my favourite sites. Apparently it's a problem not with our server but with the NZ server. When I spoke to the technical help they mentioned that it was an international problem. That sounds important. All I want to do is get onto my prayer board so that I can read the requests and pray. :(

2. After reading a lot online about T-Tapp I decided to give it a go. Just fifteen minutes a day to see a difference. It sounds too good to be true. What they don't tell you is that if you're naturally uncoordinated like I am, it takes fifteen hours to sort out the exercises. A day. Still, practice makes perfect and I've got a colleague's wedding coming up and I'd really like to look half-decent for that without having to resort to baggy clothes and innovative camera angles.

3. I've felt flat since Christmas. I guess it's the natural anti-climax after all the rushing around and getting ready and now suddenly it's all over. I may not ha…

No Longer 'Almost'

Today The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 turns five. I still remember the phone call that came just before eight in the morning five years ago and which altered our plans for that day. Not that DH or I minded!

And the agonising wait in the hospital as we waited for news. Not that it took that long for a first baby. Right from the start DIL#1 decided to make a habit of short labours - something most women would probably be envious of (not that I personally can complain on that score.) With no news and the time ticking away, DH made the decision to go to work and get some tests out of the way. Shortly after he left, Son#1 came in and asked if I wanted to see my brand new granddaughter. As if he needed to ask!

Now, it's five years on and we celebrate and thank God for giving us this precious child and for all the wonderful memories we have. May there be many more!

The Party ...

It was another beautiful day for a celebration ... although The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 was not keen on t…

A New Zealand Christmas

(Or "Take Two" of Our Family Christmas 2011.)

Some things are more important than opening presents (such as texting a special young lady.)

Opening presents.

Showing off favourite presents.

Christmas Pavlova.

Christmas Cassata. (It began to melt as soon as I removed it from the freezer and ended up sliding across the plate. Still tasted yummy.)

Enjoying the gorgeous weather (and winning some hearts at the same time.)

Hanging out with family.

(As usual when I'm wanting to show off my gorgeous family - :) - all photos are clickable.)


Early this morning I threw on one of DH's hunting jerseys so that we could sit outside on the veranda and enjoy breakfast together before he went to work. After all, I could hardly sit out there in a two-piece swimsuit, could I? Although, given what happened shortly afterwards, a two-piece swimsuit may have been a wiser choice.

After DH had gone to work and I'd made the first layer of our Christmas cassata I decided to head out into the garden to do some weeding before I had my bath. It made more sense to get into the garden while it was still cool and to get dirty before getting all cleaned up. And it's not as if I didn't already have a million other things to do anyway. [Insert sarcasm icon.]

In Spring I had a mass of Forget-Me-Nots that were pretty but now they're dying and not so hot looking. So time to pull them out. Plus I thought it would give some other less vigorous plants some space to grow. They came out easily ... but so did their seed heads.



Why is it that despite a near-perfect driving record (I've only ever backed into a tree once and I only mention that in case one of my sons happens to read this post and remind me of it - and I could remind them of some things that they've managed to hit while driving my car - and while we're on the subject, why does no one ever bring up what DH has managed to hit?) when I took DH to work this morning he sat on the edge of his seat with his hands clasped as if praying, and then jumped out at the traffic lights rather than wait for me to drive around the corner and drop him at the gate?

Why did we have a dead sparrow in our front room earlier in the week?

And why-oh-why do we put ourselves under all this extra pressure at Christmas time? I seem to be getting nowhere fast. Make that super-fast. Today after dropping DH at the traffic lights (which came minutes after saying goodbye to The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 and her family who are heading up to DIL#2's family this…


Only our internet. Not life. Sadly. Having been offline for almost a week due to changing providers you would think I would have accomplished far more than usual. Not so.

Well, perhaps it is so. I have after all managed to cook and clean for one early Christmas dinner AND spend a whole day and a half sewing quilt covers with DIL#1. Not to mention, having a houseful of young adults again (including Son#3's lovely girlfriend), going to watch The Most Adorable Granddaughters#1 & #2 in their Nativity Play, and beginning our 'Spring' clean to have the house all spic and span by Christmas Day (the real one - not the early one although we tried to have it nice by then too).

Now that I've finished work for the year I'm wondering how I ever managed to fit it in. The idea of being a full-time stay-at-home-Mum is very tempting even if all my chicks will be off out of the nest come the beginning of next year.

Anyway, some photo highlights of the previous week.

First in ... fir…