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Winner and a New Year

Here goes.

Announcing the winner of my blog giveaway (drum roll please)

... and the winner is Daisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Daisy and thank you to everyone else for entering. I really wish I could have given away a book to every one who entered.

And now ... Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humbling Mail

I've shared before my fears re sending my "baby" (aka book) out into the world. I was afraid that it wasn't ready, or good enough, that people might take offense or not understand, and I certainly doubted my ability to write anything that anyone would find worth reading.

Perhaps the scariest thing was wondering what people I knew and loved and respected would think.

I needn't have worried. Perhaps people are just being nice but the response I have had has been overwhelmingly positive (apart from the few editing mistakes which somehow managed to slip through - but even Tolkien had a problem with that and it wasn't his fault - it's also the reason I haven't yet opened a copy of my book to read apart from the dedication and acknowledgements).

It would appear that this simple little story without complex plot or dark overtones has touched people's hearts.

I'd like to share some of the comments with you. If anyone reading this sent me one of thes…

Bumped: Don't Forget the Giveaway

It seems that the only way to keep my giveaway post at the top of the page is to continually update the date.

So here's the link and I'll keep this post on top. Please check out the giveaway even if you are new to this blog. I want someone to win!

I'm planning to draw a winner as close to midnight as possible on December 31, NZ time and will announce it January 1, 2010 (again NZ time).

(And many thanks to Liliana who did the hard work and discovered that keeping a post on top while adding others can't be done unless the date is changed.)


As we prepare the festive food,

clean the house from top to bottom (and everywhere in between),

don silly hats and attend numerous parties,

and make last minute Christmas gifts,

may we not forget the reason we celebrate.

"Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger." Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests” (Luke 2:11-14, NIV).

Book Launch

Today I had the opportunity to officially launch my book at our local Christian bookstore. It began with a friend praying for the book and the impact it would have, which was a really lovely touch. Then it was time to symbolically release the book (my baby!) into the wider world.

I was humbled by all the people who turned out today to encourage and support me and to help celebrate the launch. Even though it's a busy time of year so many were prepared to take time out of their busy schedule and attend.

Even the family got dressed up for the occasion (although I do wonder about the dress sense of some!). Considering they were still in dirty work clothes when I left home (I actually thought they weren't coming but they surprised me) I think they did quite well. And Son#1 took photos with some help from Son#3 (good to know those two years at college didn't go to waste).

A big thank you to the friend who organised it all. I needed the gentle nudge (she'd probably say "…

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

There is a billboard in Auckland that is causing outrage amongst Christians (I'm not going to link to it because I consider it to be extremely offensive and this blog is family-friendly). It is undoubtedly blasphemous and questions some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith - namely that Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and was God in human form.

The saddest thing of all is that this billboard was erected by a church. What I don't get is this: if they don't believe any of the above, why bother to call themselves Christian?

Oh that's right - they had an explanation for that. I can't remember the exact words but it was to the effect that there are many ways for Christians to look at Jesus' birth.

Perhaps. But unless those ways are in line with Scripture then they are deceiving themselves. And others.

In Matthew 16:15 Jesus asks His disciples, "Who do you say I am?"

Today He still asks that question. Can you say as Peter did (v16…

They Don't Get It

I can count on both hands the pairs of shoes in my wardrobe. I do not do shoes. I hate shoe shopping - with a vengeance - and put it off until the choice is between shoe shopping or going to church barefooted (something I've not been prepared to do so far).

So it seems crazy that in a moment of madness (or inspiration?) I ordered a pair of shoes online last week. That's correct. The very same women who usually spends hours trying to find a pair of shoes that fit and are comfortable and don't cost the earth actually ordered online. And without trying them on. This is the same women who after spending hours trying on shoes still arrives home with a pair that doesn't fit. I'm serious. I have this suspicion that when I'm stressed - as when buying shoes - that my feet swell to the next size - otherwise how do I account for the shoes in my possession that are too big?

But getting back to the shoes I ordered online. They arrived yesterday and they fit! They actually f…

Blog Giveaway

As promised, a chance to win my novel, To A Distant Land. I had considered a blog tour but this time of year is so busy for so many people, and I didn’t want to wait any longer, so a giveaway it is.

To enter is easy: simply leave a comment on this post. You shouldn’t need an account to leave a comment, but if you experience difficulties please email me and I’ll add your comment.


But wait, there’s more!

To enter more than once do any or all of the following. Each one equates to another entry. Simply do those that you are able and let me know all in the one comment post.

• In your comment mention a post you have enjoyed from this blog;

• If you are a regular reader or follower – or sign up to be a follower – then mention it (and yes I know that there are some readers who do not ‘follow’ and have never left a comment – you’re going to have to come out of hiding if you want to enter);

• Post a link on your blog or website to my blog or website;

• Post a link to the book blurb or first ch…

Where's the Tree?

Today DH and The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 went Christmas Tree shopping. Before they left I charged The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 not to let Grandpa buy a tree that was too big.

DH has a habit of looking at trees and deciding they are all too small for our house. When he does decide on one that he is convinced is the right size he usually finds once he gets it home that he needs to chop a foot or so off to get it to fit into our room. This has happened so often that it has become a standing joke in our family.

So imagine our surprise when he arrived home with a small tree. Apparently he had seen no trees that he liked but when he got in the car to return home it soon became apparent that if he didn't buy a tree he was going to have one heartbroken little girl on his hands.

So he bought the biggest tree he could find.

And it's probably one of the smallest trees we've ever had since moving into a house with high ceilings. And when Son#2 arrived home from wo…

Yes You Can

For those readers who have asked if they can obtain my book the answer is Yes! You can now purchase via my website. This website is still under construction but the "important bits" are there.

Please note that the amounts are in New Zealand dollars and that for the majority of purchasers the actual "number" in their currency will be less than the "number" in New Zealand dollars (it's usually the other way around for me - it always comes out so much higher when I order from overseas). All prices include shipping and handling.

I've tried to keep the price down, but unfortunately shipping from here is expensive. For those that would love to read the book but cannot afford to buy it or who can only buy one but would love to give one away, keep an eye out for an upcoming blog giveaway.