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It's been a dismal season but every now and then we've caught a glimpse of the summer we should have had ...

Unfortunately, with the early mornings already turning cold, it's obvious that hopes for a real summer this year are futile.
If you could only know how much I miss the long hot summers of my childhood, you would understand why this is so depressing. Instead of nine months of cold, we're probably going to have to endure twelve.

Twelve! A tropical island holiday sounds like just what I need to survive this year!


I have a terrible habit of rushing ahead to the next step in quilting before I'm really ready. But when one's plans for gardening (more specifically pulling out weeds) are put on hold due to rain, one must find something else to fill one's time.

I could have done the sensible thing and caught up on ironing ... but I'm not always sensible when it comes to housework.

Instead, I took this stained glass quilt that has ended up in the rubbish bin literally and figuratively (yes, I actually threw it out one day in frustration at the despicable quality of my workmanship) and added borders ... before it was at the border stage. In my defence, it is almost at that stage and I don't think it's going to make a huge difference either way ... only because I am, as already stated, less than impressed with my handiwork.

I will not do another stained glass quilt this way again (assuming I ever do another one). The way I did the first stained glass quilt was far superior to the…