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And So It Begins

The end of the year has arrived and this past week we have begun the round of birthdays that sees our family celebrating five between Christmas and the end of January (not counting in-laws or the wedding anniversaries that are also in that time period - and I guess now the celebration will officially begin two weeks' earlier with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#7's birthday) ...

[The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 turned ten! How did that happen? Her beach party was rained out and so we convened to our house instead. Looking at the following photos it's hard to believe there was rain or that it was a less-than-perfect day at the beach!]

I have banned water play at my house after discovering mud inside in the most unlikely and out-of-the-way places ...

We have enjoyed time with family ...

[We sadly had to say goodbye to Son#3 and DIL#3 who only had a few days with us over Christmas - but the time we did have was special and made me thankful for the choices each son has made w…

How Not To Take Family Photos

One: Do not let children choose where to sit.

 Two: Do not choose a windy day.

Three: Do not choose unwilling participants.

Four: Do not site everyone in shadow.

Five: Do not choose a time where children are tired and/or hungry.

Six: Do not try to be funny in order to make children smile.

Seven: Do not expect a perfect family shot.

Eight: Do not rely on technology.

Nine: Do not let the dog off.

Ten: Don't focus on what went wrong, the difficulties of getting everyone together and facing the camera, or the [tiny] imperfections. Rather enjoy the memory of a family together, loving each other and having fun together!


Boxing Day

As a child growing up in Australia Boxing Day meant picnics at the beach with all the family, Nana anxiously counting heads every few minutes, and yummy food.

Boxing Day in New Zealand means fun on the beach, family joining together, and Nana regularly counting heads. And yummy food. Just at home rather than on the beach.