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I Never Would Have Thought

That I of all people would become addicted to making garter stitch blankets.

I mean, let's examine this rationally ...

Garter stitch, in my opinion (or what used to be my opinion) was the black sheep of the knitting family. It's what children cut their knitting teeth on and was not to be compared with intricate cables and lace patterns and all manner of fancy stitches. They were what really showed off one's skill and talent. However, beginning with a number of my baktus scarves (examples here, here, and here) where garter stitch showed off the yarn to perfection, I'm beginning to see the beauty in something as simple as garter stitch.

Garter stitch, especially when knit on the bias which seems to be what has grabbed hold of me at present, is by its very nature, stretchy. Blankets do not easily keep a nice square shape - which for someone like me who likes everything to be square and proper, one would think would be a major drawback. I've discovered that it's no…


I'm still adjusting to returning home ... putting into perspective what we experienced ... and wondering if it's time to get a second opinion after almost forty years of being told that nothing could help.

Perhaps in that time advances have been made that could help me.

I'm referring to my hearing loss. Although, I'm not really sure how to refer to it - I mean, what is considered politically correct nowadays when talking about something like this? I've heard that 'deaf' or 'deafness' are terms that are not technically correct for me, even though I have very limited hearing in one ear. So if I'm using terms incorrectly, please forgive me (and correct me where appropriate).

The reality is that the loss of hearing in my left ear, due to meningitis as a two year old, has not particularly bothered me over the years. I'd learnt to live with it and with time had found ways to adapt. I have tended to avoid noisy social environments or else learnt t…

Not Just Once

The plan was simple: drive to Wellington, hop on a plane, land in Sydney, spend six days catching up with family and friends.


Except …

It began about the time we were meant to board our flight in Wellington on Sunday morning. First there were a series of delays until finally, an hour and a half after we were meant to take off, they cancelled our flight. Computer problems they said.

We retraced our steps, reclaimed luggage, and tried to rebook on another flight. Four hours later we were told we were booked and confirmed on a flight to Sydney. We went to book in only to be told our names were not on the passenger list and there were no seats available!

More waiting. There were rumours of the possibility of a flight to Auckland and from there to Sydney. Until we heard that a flight to Auckland had been cancelled. I turned to DH and said, “We’re not going anywhere.” Sure enough, eleven hours after arriving at the airport we were put on a shuttle and taken to a motel.

Eat. Finally…

It's New Zealand

Earlier this year, Son#3 returned from a work trip overseas where he discovered that there appeared to be some confusion as to where he lived.

So let's set the record straight.

It's New Zealand.

Not Australia. (We're neighbours, we're both ANZACs,but New Zealand is not Australia.)

Not the Netherlands. (Despite what auto-correct would want us to think.)

Not even New Zeeeeland.

But New Zealand.

We have our own currency.

Our own government.

Our own health system.

And an enviable (apparently) education system.

We drive on the 'right' side of the road as opposed to the right side. And we drive clockwise around a roundabout.

Our switches go from top to bottom.

We have our own stamps, flag, culture and customs and three official languages (English, Māori and NZ sign).

We have our own sports heroes ... and they are all fallible.

We have our own well-known figures (although some times we have to 'share' these figures with Australia).

We have our achievements of …


Winter hates me. Truly.

When we moved into our house nineteen years ago the heating was inadequate to say the least. We immediately decided to install a wood burner. But there was a problem. We wanted it in an existing fireplace and it turned out the mortar between the bricks in the chimney could be scratched out with a finger nail. Wood burner was not going into that fireplace according to the building inspector.

No problem. We would get a free standing wood burner and place it in the corner. But we had to wait until after the weekend. And they had already removed the old heater. And over the weekend the temperatures plummeted.

My first experience of a bitter New Zealand winter.

Fast forward fifteen years. We were renovating and the wall behind the wood burner had to be removed and exposed to the elements. Little did I expect (for I hadn't yet learnt that Winter hates me) that the day the builders would remove the wall would turn out to be one of the coldest days on record and wh…

Plainly In Love

I am so in love with this sock pattern I found on Ravelry (apart from the name. I think I might rename it Ridge 'n' Didge: what do you think?). It's been on my to-knit list for at least a year, but it was worth the wait.

I don't usually like simple patterns for socks. They bore me. The Vanilla Latte socks for DH, while a perfectly respectable pattern, took me forever to knit. DH remarked at the time that they were probably my longest sock project ever (apart from the Cascading leaves socks on my needles from last year but I did take a deliberate break from them to concentrate on other things - like life). I like the idea of something that can be knit without constantly referring to a pattern in theory, but in practice I want something that grabs my attention.

This pattern does that. Not too much rib that I die of boredom, but enough to keep me knitting 'just until I reach the next section'. And then the ridge pattern changes every few rounds/rows (5 in the patt…


I've just gotten off the phone to The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4. After talking for a few minutes, she suddenly asked,

"Are you Nana H or Nana J?"

"Nana J."

"Oh. See ya."

And the line was disconnected!!!


It's not finished yet - almost - but not quite. I was up at six yesterday morning (yes, there is such a time, Sons#4 and #5) sewing the last of the three blocks together. I've woven in the ends where the blocks were seamed together, but not all the other ends. Yet.

And it will probably be a fortnight or more before I get back to those pesky ends.

I think it needs another row of blocks but that will have to wait because:

One, I have no yarn left. Well, I have heaps of blue and green yarn from the garments I unravelled but not enough other colours.

Two, Son#5 returns to Uni next weekend and he needs more socks. I'm quickly whipping up a pair or two in 10ply/Aran yarn. Apparently university students cannot afford heating so he needs all the help he can get in the insulation department. And hand knitted socks fit the bill nicely.

Three, I desperately want to finish a cowl before we go away next weekend. Not that it's likely to be cold enough to really need said cowl where …