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As I walked into the supermarket today to do my fortnightly grocery shop (and not looking forward to the experience in the least) I heard a woman say, "Excuse me."

I turned around as did a sales person nearby. "Not you," she said to the sales person. "Her." Meaning me.

"Excuse me, but have you written a book?"

When I replied in the affirmative she went on. "Our book club did that book and I loved it. I hope there's going to be a sequel."

I assured her there was and after exchanging a few more words, we parted.

While it gave me a warm glow (I've now acquired star status - lol) I had to wonder, How did she know?

The most obvious answer is that she recognised me from my photo in the back of the book (in the book, not on - don't ask me who made that decision or why because I have no idea) but the truth is, today I did not resemble that photo at all.

For a start, I was suffering with a headache, I was not smiling, I had bags under my …

Reflections from a Rather Ruffled Renovator: Panic

This is the stage that comes after dreams and excitement.

I'm talking about our impending home renovations. For fifteen years we have dreamed of all the changes we'd make if only we had the time and/or money. For over twelve months we have slowly allowed ourselves to become excited as plans were drawn up and quotes obtained.

Now the next stage is about to begin. The one that occurs before chaos and a long time before delight. It's called Panic.

Already I'm having second thoughts. I think about the mess and the dust and the upheaval and wonder if I really want to do this (I do - I just wish there was an easier way). I rearrange rooms and wonder how I'm going to cook and clean and wash while all this is going on. It doesn't help that we're heading into winter and are going to lose a great big section of external wall so that the work can commence.

What were we thinking?

And then there's all the decisions to be made. I thought we'd be smart and make those d…


DH has just left to take Son#3 back to Uni. He came home Thursday night but it has been such a busy time (we had two of The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World staying over for part of Easter) and I feel that we didn't really get a chance to have any time together.

Already I'm missing him. He's not been home a lot lately and I can't see that changing any time soon. In fact I'm guessing that because of a certain beautiful young lady, we'll be seeing even less of him in the future.

Son#4 is at home until the end of the week and so I'm trying to make the most of the time he's here. I do so enjoy the energy and noise and laughter that arises when family come home and I suspect Son#5 does also. It is so quiet when it's just the three of us rattling around in this big ol' house.

But even that quiet is to be shattered soon when we start renovations. While I enjoy having extras in the house I have a feeling that these 'extras' I'm not goi…

We Remember

Is it just me or do those of us in Christian circles spend a lot more time contemplating the celebrations and holidays around Christ's birth than those that remember His death and resurrection? If you belong to a church like mine then chances are you remember His death and resurrection on a regular basis. This varies from church to church. Some do it weekly (which I prefer), some fortnightly, some monthly, perhaps some less regularly, but there is time throughout the year to remember in a physical and meaningful way through the breaking of bread and sharing of the cup what Christ has done for us.

But what specifically do we do at this time of year? At Christmas we labour over whether to have Santa or not, should we have a Christmas tree, and how to escape commercialism and make the festival more meaningful. But what do we do at Easter?

It seems that many Christian blogs are silent. I'm not pointing the finger here. I'm the first one to admit that I'm guilty of remaining …


Not me. Son#5. He had plans for today, his first day of the holidays. Plans that involved being outside with a whole lot of other guys his age and running around and having some fun.

BUT ... it's raining. And even though he wasn't to go for another hour, the fact that his plans have been cancelled has caused him to say what every mother dreads to hear:

"I'm bored."

Apparently, this soon into holidays and the holidays are already boring.

However I'm not bored. I have plans for these holidays - plans that I will probably not realise (well not all of them) - but plans all the same.

I have a baby quilt to quilt and hopefully finish. Perhaps I'll work on that today since it's raining and Son#5 has just lit the fire. We could watch a good movie - perhaps Amazing Grace or Pride and Prejudice. Scratch that. Son#5 has just said we don't have any good movies. I guess he means ones with lots of action and stuff. Well perhaps I can watch a movie. By myself. And he…

Oh No!

Some dear soul:

(a) who is tone deaf; or

(b) who at birth was invested with an extra dose of kindness; or

(c) who feels sorry for us;

has asked my music teacher if our flute group could play again at the student concert next month. The same songs that we played at the concert this month and which we played so badly that even if the composers were alive today they would most likely give up all rights to the score.

Even Son#5 was aware of how bad we sounded.

So why have we been asked to play again?


I have no idea. I doubt anyone has any idea. Even our teacher has no idea. She has since admitted that as she stood up the front conducting and feeling her face heat up she was desperately asking herself, "How am I going to get them all back together and to finish at the same time?"

Because let's face it, we were awful.

So, why have we been asked to play again? I can only surmise that it's because of either (a), (b), (c), or all three. Anyone would have to be crazy to want to …

Natural Homemade Skin Care Products

This is one of those posts that if my family happens to read it they're going to think: Oh no, what is Mum up to now? What strange things is she going to foster on us next? Do I dare take a bath next time I'm home? Etc, etc.

That's okay. They don't have to like it. And one day they may even thank me for limiting their exposure to chemicals.

In the meantime it gives them something to laugh about, complain about, tease me about, moan about, and wonder about.

Bath Bombs
We made these simple bath bombs at work with a group of new mothers that I'm working with. They seemed to really enjoy it and when I trialled the bath bombs they worked quite well. However I still prefer a herbal teabag thrown into the bath but if you're looking for a homemade gift these are quick and easy and can look really special when presented in a pretty jar with ribbon.

Materials needed:
2 Tbs citric acid
2 Tbs cornflour (corn starch)
1/4 cup baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
4-6 drops of essential o…

Forgettable or Unforgettable?

Detailed. Conscientious. Traditional. Loyal. Patient. Practical. Organised. Service-minded. Devoted. Protective. Meticulous. Responsible.

As the list was read out I sat quietly, fighting back tears. As Son#5 said afterwards, it sounded like a CV. Boring and dependable but not very exciting.

We'd done a personality test at work as part of a team building exercise. As others read out their lists they were able to be proud of such core attributes as sensitive, creative, enthusiastic, flexible, versatile, expressive. I felt like the spinster aunt at a bridal shower. Everyone else able to have fun except for me. I just wanted one fun-loving attribute ... just one that sounded as if I wasn't the serious little mouse that I am ... just one. Was that too much to ask?

The group games that we did weren't any better. The words others used to describe me included wise and a great sense of humour. Perhaps that last one wasn't so bad but it still didn't make up for all the other tr…

My Green Socks

Last night, dressed in colours that would definitely fall into the neutral palette, I decided to wear my new green socks. I finished knitting them a week or so ago but hadn't yet gotten around to wearing them. It's been cool enough some days - at least in the morning and evenings - but I was waiting for something. A special occasion maybe? I don't know.

I don't wear green. It makes me look sick. Just a green room makes me look sick. I have to wonder why someone decided to paint the Ladies bathroom at church in green - except that no one asked my opinion. Just looking into a mirror mounted on green walls - and they can be so pale that they almost look like once-were-white-but-now-are-dirty-and-not-green-at-all walls - makes me look like death warmed up. It does nothing for my skin tone. Well nothing flattering that is.

I'm not even overfond of the colour green so I don't know what possessed me to knit socks in what the catalogue described as "avocado". B…

The Bride Was Late

While the groom was probably praying that she'd be on time, I was praying that she'd be late. For purely selfish reasons of course.

I'd promised The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 that I would take her to the wedding of one of her adored early childhood teachers. We've both been looking forward to it for weeks.

I woke this morning and was so pleased that it was no longer raining and that the sun was shining. I know a bride can be happy in any weather - after all, she's marrying the man of her dreams! - but it is nice if the sun shines. And shine it did today.

I had arranged to drive over and pick up The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 and bring her back for the wedding. I was rather vague about times, saying that I'd get there about lunch time today. This morning, DH asked me several times what time I'd be leaving since he was planning on coming with me to help Son#1 chop wood. Again I was vague and noncommittal. He went off shopping for clothes - v…