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We love to celebrate ...

And get together ...

And eat cake ...

And let The Most Adorable Granddaughters play with my camera ...

And honour Son#4 'cause he's pretty awesome and we're proud of him.

Happy Birthday for yesterday Son#4!

(And I so wish I could share the video of The Most Adorable Granddaughters#4 and #5 singing "Happy Birthday". Believe me when I say it was the last word in cuteness!)

A Dyeing Art

(Or where Jules discovers that she's not particularly gifted in the expressive arts but has a lot of fun nevertheless.)

Somehow - somehow - I stumbled upon an article or three online re dyeing yarn with food colouring and suddenly I wanted to try it for myself. I had a ball of the hated green yarn left over from the ugliest socks that I managed to foist on Son#5, and then I had an online order of sock yarn arrive that wasn't at all what I expected. The vendor offered to exchange it but I decided to keep it and experiment. I had also picked up a white yarn and some pale beige (I'm really not sure what colour to call it but pale beige will do) and thought I could try dyeing them also.

This weekend provided the perfect opportunity. DH and Son#4 had gone hunting and I had time to fill in and no one to remind me to be careful with dye near our cream cupboards - which by the way, I was - careful, that is - and blue dye wipes off cream cupboards easily since they are presumably …

Pleasantness and Not So Much So

I ran outside in the rain to capture these photos in case I don't get to it again before the daffodils end up all dead and droopy. It's a happy sign that Spring is on her way, yet so far I've had no time to appreciate her beauty or to soak up such pleasant sights.

(Thanks must go to Nehli for the drift of daffodils beneath the walnut tree. Had she not dug up all the bulbs last summer, making it necessary for me to replant them all - and add more - the daffodils would still only be on one side of the walnut tree.)

Not so pleasant is the suspected family of mice who have crawled into the back of our freezer and decided to exit this world together. Well, that's what we think has happened. Over the years we have usually managed to control the rodent population that is peculiar to our area by strategically placed baits and traps. But every now and them they get crafty and one - or more - decide to end their lives in a fashion that leaves us in no doubt as to what has occur…

The Cure

It would appear that the cure for 'second sock syndrome' (i.e. when the second sock never gets knit due to boredom after finishing the first sock) is not to knit two socks at a time on two circulars, for therein lies insanity. No, the cure is to have not one ...

not two ...

but three ...

projects on the go at once since one can then deceive thyself that one is never knitting a second sock. And since none of these are what one would call low-light or low-concentration projects I'm wondering if I need another? But alas, I have no more needles in the correct size/s and cannot justify buying another set.

 It would also appear that the cure for a bad back is time ... and a great physiotherapist ... and less time knitting (like that's going to happen) ... and enough exercises to keep me busy all day ... and a loving husband and family who give me time off from doing housework.

Three Times

DH jokes that for every pair of socks I complete, I knit two pairs. While I suspect it's only three socks for every pair and not four, I can certainly see where he would get his numbers from.

I didn't like the way the slip stitch pattern pulled the instep up and made it so much shorter than the sole. I tried a few ways to minimise this shrinkage but was not happy with the result so out it all came. Yes, all.

After experimenting with several patterns to get the gusset and heel flap I wanted, I failed to check the fit until I had done several more rows. Too short. Apparently the height of the heel flap determines fit and the height is determined by gusset stitches. Mine was too short, so I hadn't increased enough. So out it came. (Now I finally understand why gusset increases on a toe-up sock often double the number of sole stitches - it's really not excessive at all and every single one is needed.)

 Finally a finished sock (yep, just one) and I decided to be brave and …