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It may not be heirloom material for anyone else but for me this quilt holds a lot of significance.

It is made from a tablecloth that was found amongst my maternal grandmother's belongings after her death. The fabric was fragile and the stitching was coming apart in places. It was also made in several panels and where they joined they were also coming apart. And, lastly, a corner had been less than skilfully removed as if someone had cut it in a hurry or a child had gotten hold of the scissors.

At the time my mother wondered if her maternal grandmother - my great-grandmother - could have hand stitched it as apparently she had made tablecloths for her three daughters when they married and for many of their daughters until her eyesight put paid to that. If this is the case, then the workmanship is superb. The countless stitches, each even and evenly spaced, could only have been done by an expert needlewoman. Whether or not my great-grandmother was the creator I will likely never know…


DH and I have decided to go to South-East Asia in January. (For any family members who may happen to be reading this post, this is your official notification, okay?) We have friends who have dedicated  the last twenty years or so to working with the poor and marginalised and we have decided to go visit and, hopefully, help in any way that we can.

For someone who:

hates flying,hates being away from home,hates leaving her children (even if they are all grown up),can speak only English and half a dozen words of te reoMāori (yes, Son#2, I can pronounce those words correctly),has forgotten all her high-school French and Latin (not that I'll need those languages where we're going but they do say that being able to speak a second or third language sets you up for learning another language),is fearful of contracting some dreaded tropical disease,hates snakes and spiders and other creepy crawlies (why do you think I live in New Zealand),is fearful of giving offense in another culture be…


Each day I anxiously watch the news to glean information - any information - about the country of which I am still a citizen (if no longer a resident) and where bush fires are now raging out of control. Of all the numerous fires across the state of New South Wales, three are deemed to be 'emergency' fires or out of control. Two of these three are in areas I know - areas where I currently have family and friends.

I watch ... I weep ... and I pray.


Not so long ago DH told one of our granddaughters that she was special (they all are!) and she turned around and asked, "Why am I?"
This is why:
You are special because you were created in the image of God.
You are special because you are our own flesh and blood.
You are special because you know how to love and your little arms around my neck bring me so much joy.

You are special because it would be impossible not to love you.
You are special because when I see your smile, I see the little boy my son used to be.

You are special because you have your own unique temperament and personality.

You are special because of our differences and also our similarities.
You are special because there is no one like you.
You are special because when I look at you I see an everlasting God whose love and goodness knows no bounds.
You are special because of your prayers that are filled with more faith than many adults ever possess in a lifetime.

You are special because I see  features of myself and Grand…

Clear Cut

I've just returned from the doctor's surgery and he can't give me a name or a reason for my recent illness. The endoscopy that I had a few weeks ago showed that I have a hiatus hernia and that it may have been responsible for the pain - or at least some of it - that I was experiencing.

Okay. That's fairly clear cut. I can live with that.

But ... the scan showed that I have what is termed 'debris' or 'sludge' in my gallbladder. Now, I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like something you discover at the bottom of the swimming pool when you've neglected to clean it all winter long. Sludge. Sounds as if someone's been sloppy in their housekeeping somewhere along the line. It doesn't sound pretty. And I'm sure DH could come up with even worse examples since his job involves various kinds of sludge.

I told my doctor that a name would be nice. Something to make it all official and clean cut. But none was forthcoming. They don'…


I suspect I've been rather dull lately. Well, duller than usual. And I'm not talking about brain capacity.

I've been forced to rest more which has resulted in lots of activities that involve sitting down. Reading. Listening to music. Knitting. Sewing. Painting.

Things that I enjoy and have given me a sense of accomplishment as I have finished projects and/or crossed them off my 'To Do' List. But they make very boring blogging.

Still, I have little else to offer.

The first project to be completed was this light coloured cowl from a beautiful pattern called Apple Leaf Lace. I adjusted it slightly and this cowl was created. ( Pattern below.)

Next, was this shawl/scarf. I started this pattern at least three times. And that was after I'd tried at least four other patterns. I loved the yarn - I just didn't like the way it looked in most of the patterns I tried. Finally I decided just to stick with this pattern and I'm glad I did. I'm not sure yet whether …