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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to The Most Adorable Granddaughter#6 who is now a whole year old!

Living Vicariously

I missed out on the three day kayaking trip down one of New Zealand's greatest 'walks' that DH and other family members recently embarked upon. But at least I get to experience it and enjoy it through DH's photos ... and perhaps one day I'll experience it - or at least part of it (jetboat to The Bridge to Nowhere maybe?) - for myself.
(Please note that this post will be very pic heavy.)

Three Things

DH and Son#4 have been away this weekend (with Sons#3 and #5 and DIL#3 whom I all missed seeing) and as a result there are several things I have learnt this weekend:
One: I always plan too much to fit into my day/weekend whenever they go away and I know I'm going to have time to myself.
What I did get done included finishing the top for a postage stamp queen sized quilt that I began over a year ago ...

... and using the scraps to make a small tablecloth for the glass table on our veranda ...

What I didn't get done included exercise (too hot), music practice (too busy), writing (too busy), and a host of other things on my list. Being without power for over six hours on Friday night didn't help either because the items on my list for that night couldn't be done without power and/or lighting (well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it).
Two: My family care for me. While I enjoy my own company, it does get lonely at times. I had visits from all but one of my lo…