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Ten Bullet Points

1. I'm sun burnt. I rarely burn (can't remember the last time) but yesterday at the Church picnic I got sun burnt. So did Son#5 (and possibly a few others). DH who always burns, didn't this time. Shea butter is wonderful for sunburn. It takes the redness and the sting out. I used it today. I also wore a hat even if I did feel ridiculous. My dislike of hats is well known and people were very kind and did not laugh.

2. A friend from church is going to Christchurch to help with the identification process. He did not volunteer. He was just told to go. I think he's nervous about it. He's done this before - when people have died naturally or in car accidents - but never on this scale. I try not to think about what he will face but he - and others like him - need our prayers. What these rescue and recovery workers have to contend with is unimaginable.

3. The five-month-old baby who died in the 'quake was buried today. Five months. So sad. But all those who died are the …


(Photo taken from the top of Christchurch Cathedral in 1988.)

The images have flashed around the world: images of destruction and devastation. Images that still have almost a surreal quality to them. We know that the city has been destroyed and yet we cling to our memories of the beautiful city it once was. We see the smashed cathedral, its steeple gone, and we don't want to believe it.

Yet it's true.

Tonight the death toll stands at 98 with over 200 still missing. Rescue teams from all over the world are already on the ground helping with rescue and recovery efforts. I saw a team from my Australian state pull a woman out of a crushed building alive. One of the last to be found alive.

I see families waiting by piles of rubble for news of their loved ones. I see the injured in hospital not knowing if their families are safe.

It's so incredibly horrendous that it is almost incomprehensible. It defies description. As we go about our daily lives not too many hundreds of kilometres …

Words Fail

I don't even know where to start. Perhaps I could begin with how the events for the day unfolded for me.

1.30 pm Text from Son#2 that another earthquake had hit Christchurch.

2.00 pm Via internet learnt that Canterbury University in Christchurch had been closed. Received the impression that the 'quake had been serious.

3.30 pm Heard via parents coming into work to collect their children that 200 people were trapped in buildings in Christchurch.

4.00 pm Prayed for Christchurch and its people in our staff meeting. Colleague obviously worried as she has family in Christchurch.

6.30 pm Arrived home and found DH and Sons#4 & #5 watching the news. It only took a few brief minutes for me to learn the devastating extent of the Christchurch earthquake. Measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale and only five km below the surface, sixty five have already been confirmed dead with the toll expected to rise. Others remain trapped in buildings. Landmarks such as the steeple on the Christchurch Cathe…

Why Am I So Attached?

The question was asked recently on a hair forum that I frequent why those of us with long hair are so attached to our hair. After all - as we often hear - "it's only hair" and it will grow again.

There were numerous answers all well thought out but it's caused me to think about my own attachment particularly in light of the fact that I cut several inches off my hair yesterday and at the time I thought my heart would break.

So why am I so attached?

Firstly, because I love long hair. I admire long hair. I love nothing better than to see a head of beautiful long hair. I've had short hair and I've had long and I just prefer long (even if others think I look better with short). I can admire short styles on others but have no desire to reproduce them on myself. I. JUST. LOVE. LONG. HAIR.

Secondly, I feel like me with long hair. I feel comfortable in my skin - in this case, with my hair. It just feels right. I never felt feminine with short hair but I do with long hair.…

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1 rang and invited us all for lunch today. Such invitations are always welcome. Not just because we love to spend time with The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World (well who wouldn't?) but also because DIL#1 - unlike me - is a wonderful cook.

We had a lazy Sunday afternoon (well for the most part - DH and I took The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 for a walk and ended up going further than we had anticipated considering the warm weather and our dozy states!) ...

(Son#5 with a content Adorable Granddaughter#3 asleep in his arms.)

(Adorable Granddaughter#2 immediately following her nap and with a piece of yummy brownie which apparently Son#4 had made while DH and I were out walking with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1.)

(The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1 with the sunglasses that Son#4 made from newspaper - oh and a piece of brownie too.)

(Not yet four weeks old but that is definitely a smile!)



although some of us…


That skirt that didn't fit a month ago? Well it fits now.

I'm not saying that I look gorgeous or stunning or anything like that. I know I still need to lose more weight. Quite a bit more.

At the moment I don't even know what number is on the scales and I find I like it that way. If the clothes fit, who cares what I weigh? (Well I do, but I shouldn't. Down that path lies tears and despair. Far better to feel comfortable in my own clothes than to care about any number).

However, we're having blueberry frozen yoghurt with our apple crumble tonight instead of ice cream even if it is a birthday celebration. Just so my clothes will continue to fit.


At the airport today while saying goodbye to my BIL and his family as they prepared to head back overseas for another year of teaching English (BIL) and Japanese (SIL) in a university I gave my camera to one of my sons so that they could snap a family photo.

My sons were very obliging as these photos prove. (I'm not sure who took the photos. I think I gave the camera to Son#4 but I saw Son#5 with it so Son#4 probably handed it over as soon as I'd turned my back.)

Family photo that includes yours truly and my lovely MIL.

Family photo of BIL, SIL, and their beautiful daughter climbing the steps to the plane.

Family photo of BIL, SIL, and their beautiful daughter on their way home.

Aren't they great? Not.

Sigh. I love looking at photos but I hate taking them and I hate being in them. So I can't be too hard on Sons#4 and #5. They're not to be blamed: it's in their genes!

(Actually a lot of the photos on this blog have been taken by my sons. It seems that when they’re in …

My Valentine's Day

I was having lunch at work yesterday when my phone rang.

"Um Mum, do you think I could use the van today?" asked Son#3.

"I'm sure you could. Why?"

"I want to go to [name of town an hour's drive away]."

There was nothing in his voice to indicate that anything had happened. It must have been a mother's instinct to cause me to immediately ask, "What's happened?"

"I just had a phone call from [girlfriend's mother] and [name of girlfriend] has been knocked off her bike and has gone in the ambulance to hospital."

He might have sounded calm but I wasn't. I told him I'd take him and got myself home as soon as I could. One look at his face and I knew he wasn't as calm as he'd sounded. A few moments after arriving home we learnt that his girlfriend was able to stand and was coherent so we knew our worst fears hadn't been realised. Thank you Lord. But we still didn't know how bad it was.

I suggested that Son#…

An Age-Related Moan

Some people do it gracefully. Grow old that is. Others fight it tooth and nail, refusing to admit that the years are marching on.

I'm in neither group. I don't like it but I feel powerless to fight it. I'm growing old - daily - but I'm doing it none too gracefully. At times the shock of seeing myself every morning in the mirror is too much to handle.

There are several things I hate about growing old but at the moment I'll mention two: my ever-increasing weight and those grey hairs that are springing up all over the place at an alarming rate.

I decided a number of months ago that I had to stop getting depressed over both and do something.

I've tried. Believe me I've tried. Stubbornly the numbers on the scale stay the same - or worse, go up. I've lost weight before and what I've learnt is that it's hard work to lose weight but even harder to keep it off. Become complacent and those kilos sneak back on and some more - and the next time they're eve…

News and Tears

It's becoming a regular occurrence. That is, bursting into tears when I hear the evening news.

Just a few weeks ago it was floods. Now it's Cyclone Yasi - a Category 5 cyclone - that is expected to hit the Queensland coast within the next few hours. It is the largest and most likely the deadliest cyclone in Australia's history.

I can still remember the devastation of Cyclone Tracy that hit the Australian City of Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974 and the images that were projected onto our television screen day after day. I was almost ten and the stories of families awaking homeless on Christmas morning or the shots of Christmas presents still stacked in cupboards while the rest of the house lay in ruins frightened me greatly.

But there's even more reason to fear this cyclone. It is predicted that winds will be up to 180mph – miles not kilometres - with the same strength as Hurricane Katrina.

I'll be glued to the news bulletins in the morning. Meanwhile I'll pray. Will…